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Coram Life Education

Coram Life Education (CLE) is the UK's leading provider of high quality Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education and works to support 475,000 children nationally. Click here to visit the website. 

My Daily Diary - by Harold (the giraffe)

Harold - our happy, healthy giraffe mascot and a favourite with children - will be posting a daily blog: Harold's Daily Dairy! 

Each day he'll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he's doing to stay happy and healthy while he's off school, separated from his friends. He'll invite the children to join in with activities he's doing.

He'll be giving children ideas for how he – and they – can get a routine going for their day, including the things we all need to do to live a balanced, healthy life. These include:

Taking regular exercise

Being creative

  • Helping others
  • Connecting with others – in ways that are safe
  • Mindfulness – learning to enjoy the moment, here and now.

We know that having a routine and structure will be very important to all of us at this challenging time. For children, in particular, routines help to provide a sense of security that will help a lot at this time of uncertainty.

We're going to kick this off on Monday 23rd March; Harold will introduce the children to his Daily Plan. There will be a template version of this that the children can download – or copy from the website – and fill in for themselves.

Click here to visit the website and view Harold's Daily Diary blog.

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