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Child online safety during lockdown: where to report

With children spending more time on the internet during lockdown, it's more important than ever for parents and carers and their children to know the best reporting and support routes, should they be worried about something online.

Share our new ParentInfo article which signposts to reporting, advice and support services available for children and their families.


Staying home alone

We can help you decide if your child is ready to be left alone and have tips on keeping them safe when you aren't there.

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E Book: Lesson Plan E Book on Safeguarding, Relationships and Protective Behaviours for Key Stage 2 

E Book: Lesson Plan E Book on Safeguarding, Relationships, Grooming & Child Exploitation for Key Stage 3 & 4

Lesson Plan: An exercise for Key Stage 2 to explore online grooming

Lesson Plan: An exercise for Key Stage 3 & 4 to look at Barnardo's 'The Grooming Line' and how people can get drawn into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Teacher Training: Create a Character Technique - Bullying



8 ways to stay safe online

With cybercriminals likely to profit in the current climate1, help young people to protect themselves online with this video series about different types of common fraud.






The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety


The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

·         A practical guide for parents on how to keep teens safe online, including useful summaries of popular internet apps as well as the types of threats teens could be exposed to online. 

·         Safety tips for using apps such as Instagram, TikTok (which has gathered 1 billion users in only two years), YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp. We also cover advice and safety tips for teens playing online multiplayer video games.

·         Other online safety topics and advice such as sharing personal 


information, socialising online, cyberbullying, harmful content, influencers, body image and mental health for teens online. 

·         Links to additional internet safety resources for parents from well-respected sources such as the NSPCC and the UK government’s own guidelines.






Keeping Children and Young People Safe On Line

Online safety

We've got lots of advice to help you keep your children safe online - from setting up parental controls to how to talk about online safety.

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Balancing Screen time

Creating a balanced digital diet with screen time tips

Find simple tips to help children develop healthy online habits and a good digital diet to help them thrive on and offline.



SafeToNet Foundation

Keeping Children Safe Online


Help to safeguard your child from online risks by signing up to this free app which can be linked to your child's devices whilst also respecting their rights to privacy.



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