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16 to 19 education: financial support for students


16 to 19 education: funding allocations


16 to 19 funding: free meals in further education funded institutions for 2019 to 2020 


Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020

Updated 1st May:  'Coronavirus (COVID-19):  CANCELLATION OF GCSE's, AS and A levels in 2020 to reflect Ofqual's consultation on exceptional arrangements for exam grading and assessment. 

Updated 17th April: 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020' including details of Ofqual's consultation on


 These resources have been prepared by Association of Colleges to support you and your college during these unprecedented times. 

We are working continuously to share the latest news and updates and produce templates, tools, guidance and examples of best practice. These can all be found here, in one place, so colleges can concentrate on what they do best... protecting and supporting their staff, students and communities.Our resource hub is updated regularly to reflect new guidance. 

For additional queries please contact AoC via you have a confirmed case within your college, contact your local health protection team here. They will assist in next steps, including helping to organise a deep clean of the college (for confirmed cases only).


Latest News

AoC responds to OfQual announcement on summer GCSEs and A Levels

The covid-19 pandemic has driven OfQual and DfE to implement an extraordinary turnaround in the assessment system for general qualifications in England. The traditional high dependence on written exams will be transformed this summer to a system driven by teacher assessment and moderated by statistical modelling. Read our full response here.

Updates to the matrix Standard (on behalf of the Department of Education)

The Growth Company, who manage the matrix Standard on behalf of the Department for Education, have introduced a number of key measures to support colleges.  Under new policies agreed by the Department, the assessment process itself will be carried out remotely using video conferencing facilities, such as Skype or by telephone and contact with students and your stakeholders can be delayed until the Continuous Improvement Check in 12 months, if required.  Some colleges are reporting that now is a good time to be assessed before the busy Autumn term. Remote assessments have already taken place with Hopwood Hall College and Truro College, and further assessments are planned under the new arrangements. If you college is due an assessment within the next 12 weeks an assessor will be in touch to agree the most effective way forward and to support you through the new arrangements.Under the new arrangements assessors are able to grant an extension of up to  3 months, if you require longer please contact the Head of Service to outline why additional time may be needed such as key staff being unwell, being overwhelmed dealing with vulnerable students, or limited IT capacity for homeworkers  etc.We are also pleased to advise you that a review of the matrix Standard is due to take place later this year and as a key partner we will be working closely with the Growth Company.  We hope you agree that as we come out of this crisis the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance, which the matrix Standard has been designed to quality assure, will be even more vital. Updated 2 April

How to collaborate with your local NHS organisations

Colleges across the country are supporting their local NHS organisations by donating and manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE). We want to support more of you to do this. You can read some excellent examples from North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and South Devon College here. Whilst clarifications for PPE are being sought and further guidance is imminent (see recent letter here), given the urgent situation we know that some NHS organisations are sourcing it locally and would be very happy to be approached on this.Where you have existing relationships with local NHS Trusts, foundation trusts, primary care networks or integrated care systems (ICSs) we recommend using these. Alternatively the director of finance/head of procurement would be good options, and where these details are not easily available you should contact the CEO or Chair with an offer of support. If anyone requires further support in making contact, we are happy to facilitate conversations with NHS Confederation’s member networks.Colleges can also support their local NHS organisations by donating hand sanitiser and wipes and by volunteering staff and students. Offering the use of college estates is another priority area, for testing, storage, supplies and accommodation.Please continue to share your work collaborating with the NHS so we can continue to amplify this with DfE and the media. 

Safeguarding, well-being, vulnerable students and closures

Over the weekend DfE published a number of guidance documents with reference to student safeguarding and wellbeing. We are aware that there are some inconsistencies and we are seeking urgent clarification. If you have any queries on anything in the guidance documents, contact Please note: these updates seek to clarify and update terminology used in the guidance and do not include substantive policy changes or additional Q&A.Public Health England (PHE) has also published new advice to support mental health and updated the Every Mind Matters platform to help maintain good mental wellbeing.Updated 30 Mar


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