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We've really benefitted...85% of parents reported...29.5% of the students reported...How does the process work?The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation...Online Pupil Survey

"We've really benefitted from being involved with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning partnership, and being able to use a lot of their resources and support."

Matthew Morgan 
Headmaster, Sir Thomas Rich's School

"85% of parents reported that they had noticed a change in their child’s attitude towards healthy food and exercise as a result of the interventions."

Harewood - Jumpstart programme

29.5% of the students reported wanting their bodies to look like celebrities before the lessons which reduced to 16% post intervention.

Newent - Body image and self esteem programme

How does the process work?

Read our Ten Steps to gaining and maintaining Healthy Schools/Healthy FE status

The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation process have been carefully designed to support schools through the process

Read more about our Review Tool.

Online Pupil Survey

The OPS has been developed by Foster and Brown Research in partnership with Gloucestershire Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership to find out what children and young people really think about a range of health-related issues.

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How should teachers talk to their students in the event of a terrorist attack?

In light of the Manchester terror attacks, how should schools/colleges and teachers respond when there has been a terrorist attack in UK or elsewhere? Students will be asking questions, talking among themselves, talking with families. Schools cannot ignore events, however controversial and disturbing it is to raise them. Click here for our top 6 tips:

Click here for additional recommended resources

Mental Health Champions Award

The first GHLL Quality Assurance Group to assess submissions for the Mental Health Champions Awards is taking place on 29th June.

 If you would like your school’s submission to be included in this QUAG, please ensure all your reports are submitted by 22nd June.
If you need assistance please contact

A Call to Men - Promoting Respect, Preventing Violence

Promoting Respect, Preventing Violence discussion

 The University of Gloucestershire would like to invite you participate in 'Promoting Respect, Preventing Violence' - a ground breaking day of discussion to be delivered jointly by A Call to Men UK and The University of Gloucestershire on Friday 19th May 2017.

The day offers presentations from leading academies, practitioners and campaigners from the fields of Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence, Crime-reduction and Healthy Relationships and will prove a fresh perspective on factors which can make partnership abuse, sexual assault and harassment and coercive behaviours more likely as young people enter adulthood.

For more information about the event and how to register, visit the Eventbrite website.

For all queries, please contact Michael Conroy (A Call to Men UK) on 07972 922366




Many of you have been in touch to ask whether the general election will affect the status of the new legislation on RSE/RE. We have been reassured that it won't. The Children and Social Work Bill should get Royal Assent within the next week and will become an Act of Parliament. During the campaign period the civil service enter a period of 'purdah' which means they have to stop any public facing work. This will mean that the proposed deep engagement with stakeholders over the drafting of the RSE guidance will be delayed until after June 8th. You can find out more about the proposed process and original timeframe in our FAQs here. There is a solid cross-party consensus on the urgency of introducing RSE. So we are optimistic that the plans set out by the outgoing government for implementation in schools by 2019 will stand. We will continue to update you via the bulletin and FAQs as we get news. Best wishes for a great summer term.

Young Gloucestershire Training 2017

Young Gloucestershire

Young Gloucestershire is pleased to offer short training courses to staff and volunteers working with young people. Click here to view Young Gloucestershire's training calendar for 2017. You can also read descriptions of each course here.

Please note bookings for these courses are not made through GHLL, details on how to book are on the calendar.  

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Welcome to Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. This is an umbrella organisation for Gloucestershire Healthy Schools and Gloucestershire Healthy FE (Further Education).

GHLL was launched in July 2012 for schools and colleges across Gloucestershire, supported by Leading Teachers.

Funding is through Public Health and by Gloucestershire County Council. Schools and colleges are offered this supported intervention at no cost.


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