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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

Mental Health Champions Award

Mental Health Champions AwardThe Mental Health Champions Award has been created to acknowledge the high quality provision that some schools make to support the mental health and wellbeing of their school community. Good schools have always understood the link between good mental health and achievement. Great schools have also understood the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing in this equation. As we are becoming more aware of, and open about mental health issues we are seeing greater prominence of support for this increasingly significant health priority. This award gives schools the opportunity to showcase good practice and to help them identify areas in their provision that would benefit from further development.


How to achieve the Mental Health Champions Award

This award builds on the work that you have undertaken for your GHLL Accreditation  and will involve  updating your Review to ensure your provision meets this criteria. . Throughout the Review, questions of relevance to the promotion of good mental health have been highlighted in purple. These questions need to be answered and evidenced as  'In Place’. The remaining questions in the Review need to be answered and evidenced as 'In place or  Mostly in place’.

All schools applying will need to undertake interventions of relevance to good mental health, ideally on a large scale e.g. school wide, throughout a key stage, significant identified group or across a year group with a view to rolling out to the entire key stage or school wide as your next steps.


Mental Health Champion Accreditation Process

Are you ready to go for the MHC Award?

  • Do you currently hold the GHLL accreditation?
  • Is there a member of staff or a group of staff in your school responsible for mental health?
  • Does your school’s senior leadership team promote positive mental health for the whole school community?
  • Is emotional health and wellbeing a priority within your school, e.g. a part of your SDP or similar documentation?
  • Do you have a nominated school governor responsible for EHWB?
  • Have a significant number of your staff undergone Mental Health First Aid Training?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, then you are ready for the next steps…  (click here) to take you through to the MH page with all the details and steps (03/10/2019)

Click here for PDF of the Mental Health Champions Award PowerPoint from the 2016 launch





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