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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

Tackling Stigma

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Pupils' mental health

Mental health and emotional wellbeing should not be seen as a subject that needs to be taught in a lesson. Promoting positive emotional wellbeing and discussing mental health issues should be part of everyday conversations. For young people experiencing mental health problems, telling their friends, family and teachers can be incredibly hard. Talking openly is the most simple and effective way to break down any possible stigma associated with mental health.

Time to Change - end mental health discrimination


Time to Change is a national charity tackling stigma surrounding mental health. Their website includes session plans, blogs and videos, and a huge range of free materials to get young people talking.

The Guardian in associations with Time to Change offers 5 ways to tackle mental health taboo in the classroom, from discussing mental health openly to challenging derogatory language 


Staff mental health

We are becoming more aware of, and open about, mental health issues. Great schools now understand the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing. Staff who feel better cared for and supported will ultimately feel able to contribute more with a positive impact on productivity. 

Talking about your own mental health issues can help the young people you work with, offering them a positive role model.  


 Let’s Talk 

If you are struggling with your mental health and emotional wellbeing and you need someone to talk to then you can contact Let’s Talk who provide talking therapy for those with mild depression and anxiety. 0800 073 2200.

NHS Choices also recommends these helplines for expert advice.


Young Minds: Self-Harm Awareness Day



Every year on March 1st we work with ChildLine, selfharmUK and The Mix to get rid of the stigma around self-harm that stops young people looking for help.

Click here to visit the YOUNGMiNDS website

Click here to find out more about Self-Harm Awareness Day






Rethink - Gloucestershire Self-Harm Helpline

Rethink Flyer


It's OK to ask for help

Printable resource where you can add contact information at the bottom, specific to your setting


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