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'A mother tells me her son joined Isis and is now dead'

Saturday 12th January 2019

Running a charity that works to prevent and tackle radicalisation is emotionally draining

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After the school run, I rush over to Westminster for a series of meetings with MPs to discuss counter-terror issues facing the UK. While I am out of the office a member of my team alerts me to some hate mail that features vile imagery of women of colour and faith being hanged, accompanied by the text: ?You?re next.? I head straight to the office and report it to the police. It?s not the first time this has happened, and I fear for my safety and that of my staff and our beneficiaries, a lot of whom are Muslim women. I can?t help but question the society we live in where people threaten, hurt and kill others based on the colour of their skin, gender or faith.

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