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Eight tips to prepare for a positive new term

Saturday 1st September 2018

Eight tips to prepare for a positive new term for teaching staff

  1. Have flowers and plants in decorative pots about the room.
  2. Put up a bulletin board with photos of previous students enjoying themselves doing activities that your current year group will also get to do.
  3. Send emails to your incoming students to say that you are looking forward to seeing them. Include details of something that you enjoyed about your summer and tell them you look forward to hearing what they got up to.
  4. Boost a colleague's mood with a note or funny quip that tells them you're looking forward to catching up.
  5. Colour always brightens the mood, so try displaying a bright banner, poster or painting in a prominent place in your classroom.
  6. Nothing beats a fresh working space. If there is a cupboard or bulletin board that needs sprucing up, do it. It won’t take much time and the task will renew your sense of promise and potential.
  7. If there is a saying or quote that expresses your positive attitude about students' potential to be great, post it prominently.
  8. Smile lots, and from your heart.

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