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Online Pupil Survey 2016 has now closed - results will be available for your school or college to access on Lodeseeker in June 2016.  Training sessions will be available around the County. 

Thank you to all 253 schools and colleges for supporting the Online Pupil Survey in the past. I am pleased to announce this survey will again be free for all schools (including independents and alternative provision settings), academies and colleges to take part in for pupils in year groups 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12/FE. It provides invaluable data for schools and colleges to monitor impact and set priority areas for improvement and interventions for the health and well-being of their pupils and young people.

As the majority of schools and colleges take part it also provides an important comprehensive picture of the needs of children and young people across the whole of Gloucestershire. In 2014, over 24,000 children and young people took part providing a powerful vehicle for pupil voice ensuringdecision-makers across different county services as well as in schools and colleges see how children and young people are feeling and behaving. This can ensure resources can be effectively targeted at areas in the right areas

The 2016 survey is a significant milestone as it will be 10 years since the first survey in 2006 and we will have data from over 100,000 completed surveys providing the data tracking of whole year groups from when they were in year 4 through to year 12. This provides important data showing behaviour change of over four and half thousand Gloucestershire children from aged 8 through to 18 years old.

The OPS is beeningused continually by individual schools, the County Council and partner agencies such as the Police, GSCB and Public Health to identify and prioritise the needs of children and young people.The information is used to monitor the impact of interventions, target resources and develop services that support young people. For example the OPS has enabled the Safeguarding Board and individual schools to monitor the impact of anti-bullying activity through measuring key information about bullying and the children and young people’s support networks.

The Online Pupil Survey 2016 will be live for schools and educational settings to access from mid January until the end of March 2016.

We will send further information about the operational details including your school/college login and passwords - please ensure that you can negotiate and book use of the computer rooms during the survey period starting in January 2016


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