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Alcohol Education Trust 


Our Mission

Our vision is for young people to enter adulthood having a responsible understanding of alcohol and its short and long term effects. We engage children of all abilities and backgrounds before they begin drinking, helping them build resilience skills, know how to avoid and resist risky situations and to look after themselves and each other in a variety of settings. Read more…


Many parents feel lost and confused when talking to their children about alcohol. How can you help them deal with peer pressure and stay safe? What UK laws exist relating to young people and alcohol. View the Parent Area


Make PSHE and science lessons on alcohol informative and engaging. We provide evaluated, evidence based, imaginative teachers’ newsletter and adaptable resources, films, worksheets and lesson plans for KS3-5. View the Teacher Area 

Chris Donovan Trust

AET is delighted to receive the Alcohol Awareness for Young People award (2018) from the Chris Donovan Trust. 

The trust was set up by Vi and Ray Donovan who, in 2001, experienced the tragic loss of their son Chris through unprovoked violence. Using their own experience, they want to help educate people about the impact of crime on the victim, their family and wider society.

When we first heard of the Alcohol Education Trust, the first thing we did was to check them out and we were amazed by the alcohol educating work they are doing with young people in schools.

Click here to visit the Chris Donovan Trust website


Talk about Alcohol

The below link takes you to four short films (7 mins each) of young people talking about their experiences with alcohol. Students then have the opportunity to rate alternative outcomes for each experience and think about what they would have done differently.

Information booklets for both students (year 10+) and parents/ carers

Student booklet

Parent/ Carer booklet


Mandatory health education in all schools by September 2020

We are pleased to learn that the government is committing to mandatory health education in all schools.  This is excellent news and real progress in terms of PSHE becoming a statutory subject.

Under the proposals, all pupils will study compulsory health education as well as new reformed Relationships Education in primary school and Relationships and Sex Education in secondary school.

The guidance which was last updated in 2000, will become compulsory in all schools across the county from September 2020. Click here to read more on the Government commitment 

Café Office and community space for youth charity on The Great Field, Poundbury.

We’re thrilled to announce that The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) will be building a community space, café and office on the Great Field at Poundbury in 2019.

For the last ten years, the AET have operated out of a garden garage in Frampton. This has been excellent in that overheads have been tiny, enabling the AET to spend very high proportions of every penny raised on its work across the UK. Over the last decade, the AET has supported over 1000 schools, youth and sports clubs and ½ million children EACH year with its training, resources and regionally based experts free of charge – at a cost of under 50p a child.

2019 is the 10th Anniversary of the Alcohol Education Trust and the charity has been given the wonderful opportunity to build a café, community/training space and office in a park setting in an area with 33% social housing. It is the second most deprived area in West Dorset, yet few would guess that this was Poundbury.

 Click here to read the full article

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