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Cheltenham Town Community Trust

The Trust’s aim is to:

  • Remove barriers that prevent individuals and communities accessing activities and opportunities aimed at improving physical and psychological well-being. 
  • Use football as the catalyst for regeneration and crime reduction by raising people’s self-esteem and altering life chances through inclusion and participation. 
  • Develop an integrated model of community provision that will bring people together from a range of backgrounds to share a common experience. 
  • Encourage active and healthy life styles by creating opportunities that will include learning skills, improving health and having fun and enjoyment with others. 
  • Generate grass roots investment in people and facilities that reflects the needs of the community
  • Bring all aspects of the Football club’s community work under one umbrella
  • Promote and raise the profile of the club’s community work through the Trust. Click here to view the website


MENtalk is a programme designed to support young men’s emotional health and wellbeing. Positive mental wellbeing and emotional resilience have been shown to improve young men’s educational achievement and quality of life. 

Evidence suggests that men tend not to engage with services, such as their GP, or feel as confident talking about their emotions as women. MENTalk uses the medium of football to open up discussion and create an environment in which men feel comfortable. Click on the logo to read the full report.




GIRLTalk provides information for year 9 girls at school; it is primarily based on sexual and mental health topics, but also involves physical activities to help promote and support a healthy lifestyle. GIRLTalk is relevant for all year 9 girls, not only dismissing myths around mental health but also pointing them towards the guidance and support that they may need. Pupils can discuss concerns confidentially and realise that girls can talk! Click on the logo to read the full report.


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