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Gloucestershire Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP)

Gloucestershire Environmental Educational PartnershipGEEP has been set up in order to facilitate the cascading of good environmental education ideas and initiatives throughout the county.

The partnership itself is made up of a varied group of representation from local farms through to county-wide organisations, all sharing a common interest in the environmental education of the children and young people in Gloucestershire.

It is hoped that by maintaining a partnership with GEEP, GHLL will be able to use the great initiatives publicised through GEEP to enable the wider sharing of this work in schools throughout the county. This should enable pupils and students to gain a broader perspective of environmental issues as a whole and hopefully gain the insight to foresee the need for new initiatives in schools and colleges to be both sustainable and sensible if attempted.

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Many initiatives involved in the past have included parental involvement and family consideration and it is encouraging to imagine the wider-reaching possibilities of the environmental impact this could have on homes throughout Gloucestershire. We hope that some of the work that schools will undertake as part of their Healthy Schools or Healthy FE intervention work, will be to do with sustainability either within the school or in the wider school or surrounding community.





GCSE in Natural History

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Experts agree that children have far too little contact with the natural world. Could lessons about flora and fauna – a natural history GCSE – be the answer?

In a bid to reconnect young people with nature, a petition has been launched calling for the introduction of a GCSE in natural history. It urges the government to develop the qualification in order to ‘make nature part of British society again’.


Gloucestershire Warm and Well

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