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The Seal Community

Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

Set up and supported by leading experts in the field,  the SEAL Community is a not-for-profit organisation offering education professionals with an interest in SEAL the opportunity to join a network of like-minded individuals, schools and organisations. We aim to promote and develop SEAL through sharing news, practice, resources and expertise.

By registering with us (which is free, quick and easy), you can immediately find and download all of the national SEAL curriculum materials, teacher guidance and professional development materials, national reports and evaluations. Click on the logo to go to the Seal Community Website.


The SEAL Community Newsletter No. 18 - Autumn 2018

The SEAL Community Newsletter No.16 - Spring 2018

The SEAL Community Newsletter No.15 - Autumn 2017

The SEAL Community Newsletter No.14 - Summer 2017

The SEAL Community Newsletter No.13. - Spring 2017


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