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SkillZONE is a state-of-the-art safety education centre, which specifically addresses the underlying causes of unintentional injuries to both children and adults across Gloucestershire. It is designed to be an exciting, interactive and challenging environment where people can think about personal safety dilemmas, recognise dangers and consider how they can keep themselves safe.  There are 16 zones covering a range of hazards both in the home and outside, such as water, electricity and road safety as well as a magistrates court, police cell and custody suite to support initiatives to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Working with GHLL, SkillZONE are producing specific schemes of work or lessons that can be delivered as a discrete package in SkillZONE.  One example is the “Healthy Lunch Box” lesson for key stage 2, in which children are given a budget to “buy” lunch in the fully equipped Mid-counties Co-op.  This lesson is being created by Jackie Kelly and can be measured during the session.  In NetZONE, we are working with Gloucestershire Police to help young people create safer social media profiles and avoid cyber bullying, which supports work already taking place in school. Further work is being undertaken with other Leading Teachers to produce a session in which we can support post 16 students setting up home for the first time, offering practical advice about home safety, landlord obligations, managing a budget and personal safety.  This partnership work will continue to grow and will bring benefits to the whole community.

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