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Teens in Crisis (TIC)

Are you a teen who needs help? Call 01594 372777 or text 07520 634063



TIC+ provides non-judgemental, face-to-face and online counselling services for young people, family counselling, parent support and psycho-educational workshops. The charity works hard to ensure that their service is as accessible as possible.

The TIC+ mission: To improve, preserve and promote good mental health and well-being among young people and their families.

The TIC+ vision: That every young person in crisis has someone to talk to.

Visit the website to learn more of about TIC+ and the services they provide.



Support for Young People 

TIC+chat is an anonymous, safe, confidential, 1-2-1, support service for young people aged 9-21 living in Gloucestershire. Young people can call or live-message a friendly, trained team member to discuss anything that is troubling them. 

Phone: 0300 308 8080


A video about the help and services available from TIC+. 


Download the TIC+ Chat poster 



Support for Parents 

The Parent Support service is for parents and carers living in Gloucestershire who are worried about the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the their child (age 9-25). The service is funded by NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group. Services include: 


Parent Support Groups 

Research demonstrates that involving parents in supporting their child’s emotional/mental health and wellbeing, ensures young people have better experiences and more positive outcomes. The Parent Support Group service is for parents living in Gloucestershire who are worried about the mental health and emotional wellbeing of their child (between the ages of 11-18).  Providing parent support is also shown to prevent later use of both physical and mental health services. Previous pilot groups run by TIC+ have shown that parents continue to meet and support each other after the formal group ends!  

Download the parenting support leaflet 

Download the parenting support poster


The TIC+ Live Impact Dashboard

TIC+ are committed to honest and transparent social impact reporting. Their Live Impact Dashboard can be accessed year round for an immediate snapshot of their social impact, including successes and challenges.
TIC+ are believed to be the first Mental Health charity in the UK to produce a dashboard of live data, reflecting the true picture of the mental health needs of the children and young people they work with. This is especially vital right now as we come out of COVID and are starting to see the lasting effect this has had on children and young people.  Built on anonymised data from their own service user database, the dashboard shows real time information on issues, demographics, tends and importantly, the impact that early intervention can achieve. The charity believes this dashboard is a real ‘game changer’ in promoting wider understanding, informing development, and commissioning and sharing learning. 


Impact on Children and Young People Report

This report has been produced by TIC+ and was the charity's attempt to better understand the increase in risk that service users seem to be experiencing. It was undertaken by conducting broad research into the impact COVID 19 had on the children and young people seeking and receiving counselling; focus groups of 38 members of the clinical team identified the presenting experienced of approximately 300 children and young people in Gloucestershire

The results provide insight into some of the pressures and issues young people are facing as result of the pandemic that may be resulting in the increase in high-risk behaviours. Five key themes, with several sub themes, emerged; existential issues, education based issues, changes in activity, home/parental issues and health anxieties all featured highly in the experience of the clinicians who took part in the research.



Update on Service Wait Times

"Over the past year TIC+ has seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for our counselling services. Unfortunately this has meant that the average wait for our service has increased from an average of 3.8 weeks last year, to approximately 14-16 weeks in recent months. We know this has been frustrating and upsetting for you as well as for us and we thank you so much for your patience during these times.
We are committed to making sure that we continue to see every young person who reaches out to us for support. We also want to be able to see young people as soon as possible so that the issues they are facing do not get worse.  
We have recently and very gratefully received additional funding from the Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and several other funders. We have also been working hard to raise new funds through our TIC+ fundraising team. This additional funding has enabled us to recruit more counsellors and although it’s early days, we are pleased to say we are already seeing the impact of this additional capacity: 
the waiting time has now reduced to an average of 5-6 weeks for new referrals. 
To ensure we reduce this even further (hopefully to our pre-COVID levels), additional measures have been made. Over the summer, in collaboration with our staff team and young people’s voices group, we co-produced a new way of working to help us see young people more quickly and prevent the escalation we have been so worried about. 
Previously, all young people referring in to TIC+ were offered up to 7 sessions of counselling. With the current demand for our service this is no longer practical or equitable - some young people only need a few sessions whereas others need more. For this reason we want to avoid offering a set number of sessions, instead, our counsellors will use their professional judgement and in conjunction with the young person will agree a period of support based on need. The counsellor and young person will regularly review progress in order to keep the work focussed and to ensure the right level of support is being given.  
We have co-produced a few info-graphics with young people to describe the process. The first is sent to the young person once they have made a referral, the second is a story-board from the website.  
We will be trialling this model over the coming months and will be evaluating its impact and efficacy to help children and young people in a more timely manner. 
If you have any enquiries about a young person already on our waiting list or more general enquiries please contact our referral taking team on"

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