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Young Money (formerly pfeg)

Pfeg is the UK's leading finance education charity. Pfeg’s vision is a society in which all children and young people have the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage their money well, now and in the future.

Pfeg supports schools, colleges and universities by providing expert advice and high-quality educational resources that will engage and inspire. Pfeg’s work is underpinned by both government policy and independent review affirming the need for Personal Finance Education. Pfeg campaigns for consistent, quality Personal Finance Education for children and young people across the UK and shares its expert knowledge of Personal Finance Education to influence education policy.

In 2011, Gloucestershire was awarded as a Centre of Excellence for its wide-reaching work in the county on Personal Finance Education including the ‘Real Money’ and its work with all schools throughout the county.

Young Money website


Young Money - Free Financial Education Planning Framework for 3 - 19 years

Spend it, save it, give it, get it?

Whatever we do with money, we need to manage it well. A planned programme of financial education, combining mathematics, citizenship and PSHE education, can help give children and young people the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to manage their money, now and in the future.

Young Money (formerly pfeg) is providing a free Financial Education Planning Framework for 3 - 11 and 11 - 19 years. Click on the links below to download a copy. (19/09/2019)




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