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Core Themes

The ‘PinK’ Safeguarding Curriculum has been written by teachers for teachers. It is an online resource and planning tool. It will always be a ‘work in progress’, which will be updated and revised frequently.

 The Pink framework uses the same main theme titles that the PSHE Association uses in its non-statutory programmes of study and we have added our own sub-headings as follows: 

Health and Wellbeing

  • Developing risk management
  • Understanding personal change and responsibility


  • Understanding the dynamics of healthy relationships

Living in the Wider World

  • How media, commerce and social issues shape our understanding of the world

Both the mapped curriculum and the planning tool have been devised with flexibility in mind, so as to meet the needs of a huge college or a tiny infant school and everything in-between. We have researched through all freely available resources and cited the ones that we think are most useful. But of course, you may well find resources more suitable for your children, or wish to write your own. The planning tool allows for this customisation. Where we couldn’t find anything that we would recommend, we have written our own ‘GHLL’ resources and these are all freely available to schools and settings in Gloucestershire.

There are, however, also excellent commercially available resources which you may choose to use and incorporate into your planning. 

We have suggested which materials are best suited to each Key Stage but you should use your professional knowledge to choose material from the framework that is age/stage appropriate for your children.