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Anti Bullying Work

Work has been initiated within the county to improve the provision for responding to bullying within our educational settings. By utilising the data from the Gloucestershire Online Pupil Survey, individual schools have used this information to inform the construction of an effective anti-bullying policy, working alongside the safeguarding measures in place within the school.

Some schools have been involved with the Healthy Schools Plus work and have chosen to tackle bullying as part of their intervention work to increase the awareness of bullying within the school.

Sadly, bullying WILL happen in schools but we must ensure that all children and young people within our county gain confidence to report these incidences so that they can be dealt with promptly and effectively by schools. Certainly since 2006, the Gloucestershire Online Pupil Survey has shown throughout the county bullying has decreased in schools and the pupils report their confidence in how schools are dealing with bullying is increasing.

Schools in the county may choose to gain accreditation of Anti-bullying through the Anti Bullying Alliance. This is a whole-school approach to an accreditation process, increasing the awareness of bullying for staff and pupils. This should improve the handling of incidents and reduce their occurrence.

Improved practice reduces the number of incidents of bullying and increases the effectiveness of handling incidents.

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