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Healthy Eating

In Gloucestershire we believe that it is essential that our children are educated, encouraged and enabled to make healthy choices around food and drink; the food a child eats at school accounts for a third of their nutritional intake in a day, so it is important that what is provided in school or is brought in, is nutritious and balanced. Schools in Gloucestershire support this ethos – most schools in Gloucestershire operate a fruit or vegetable only snacktime policy, with many having a packed lunch policy and nearly all advocating the regular consumption of water throughout the school day.

Schools are supported to do this in a number of ways; through training for staff – ensuring that policy is reflected into practice, the provision of teaching resources and through sessions for children and young people as well as parents.

GHLL have been involved in a number of initiatives around food, including work with the Gloucester Rugby Club on a resource called ‘Jumpstart’ which aims to encourage children to think beyond the ‘5 a day’ message and consider the effect of food on both their bodies and brains. A whole school food overview with progressive key questions for Years 1 to 6, which covers Diet and Health, Food Production, Social and Emotional Aspects of Food, Cookery Skills and Food Safety has been developed.

Please see our Generic Resources section which contains information on websites that can support you in this area.