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Bullying - Key Stage 1 & 2 


Anti-Bullying Toolkit

Free toolkit of anti-bullying resources to help prevent and tackle bullying in primary schools. Created by the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, the toolkit includes a carefully selected range of practical, quality-assured resources to use in your classrooms and schools to help stop bullying, and support those who bully, and are bullied. 



Anti-Bullying Week 

Anti-Bullying Week 2022 is scheduled to take place from Monday 14th - Friday 18th November. The theme will be launched in May 2022.

Cyberbullying Guidance 

Childnet International have teamed up with a range of experts and young people to create this 'Cyberbullying: Understand, Prevent and Respond' guidance for schools. It covers: 

  • What young people have said about cyberbullying
  • Understanding cyberbullying
  • Preventing cyberbullying
  • Responding to cyberbullying
  • Guidance on supporting school staff



Preventing Bullying 

The DfE Guidance for Preventing Bullying includes information on: 

  • Preventing and tackling bullying
  • Cyberbullying: advice for headteachers and school staff
  • Advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying


Sexual Bullying

Advice on identifying and dealing with sexualised bullying: What is sexual bullying?



Stand Up to Bullying 

The Stand Up to Bullying website provides useful resources and guidance for teachers. Bullying isn’t confined just to the school gates and its victims aren’t limited to young people - it also exists at home and in our wider communities. And of course, bullying exists online. Research shows that bullying can have long-lasting and devastating effects.




Useful Websites

BIG - The Bullying Intervention Group are one of GHLL's partnerships and have a wealth of resources available from their site

Bullying UK - with information and a Skype facility





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