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Substance Misuse - Key Stage 1&2

Guidance and Articles

Look Out Zone - website for 7 to 11-year-old pupils, their parents/carers and teachers to support education about alcohol and smoking

QCDA guidance was published in 2005 by the (then) QCA, now the QCDA:

BBC Active has produced 'Drug Education Age 9-11' in the Whiteboard Active series. The resource includes video clips with accompanying activities and discussion points.

Lions Lifeskills also produces some useful resources, including The World of Drugs and The World of Tobacco (both in the Skills for the Primary School Child series).

Updated Primary Drugs Scheme of Work 2018

/Updated Y5&6 Drug Education Scheme of Work 2018.pdf

/Updated Y3&4 Drug Education Scheme of Work.pdf

/Updated Y1&2 Drug Education Scheme of Work 2018.pdf

/Updated Reception Drug Educaton Scheme of Work 2018.pdf

/Body part templates Y3 session 2.pptx





/Y5&6 Drug Ed SOW 2018 update.pdf/Updated Y5&6 Drug Education Scheme of Work 2018.pdfDrinkaware for Education - Resources for Primary and Secondary teaching, when introducing and developing alcohol awareness with pupils. Includes lesson plans, videos, presentations and more. Visit the website to register for your free resources.

The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) is able to offer the following resources free of charge to all UK schools:

  • AET Teacher Workbook - 100 page document including lesson plans, games and quizzes organised by topic and year group - 1 copy

  • 'Alcohol and You' student guide - up to 250 copies (or enough for a year group)

  • 'Talking to Kids about Alcohol' parent guide - up to 250 copies (or enough for a year group)

All resources are:

  • Dfe Approved

  • PSHE Association quality assured

  • Listed as one of The Early Intervention Foundation's Top 50 most effective programmes.

If you haven't received your resources this academic year, please email


Useful Websites

Talk About Alcohol - an online learning zone carefully built around changing social norms around alcohol and, through games, helps children subconsciously make wise decisions.

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