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Domestic Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Consent - Key Stage 3&4

Domestic Abuse

Guidance, Resources and Advice

This is Abuse - A Government Campaign that ran from 2010-2014 targeted at 13 to 18 year olds. Part of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). Published December 2013.

'Time to listen' - a joined up response to child sexual exploitation and missing children -  There is no room for complacency and much more can be done to ensure that all children and young people.

One of the most difficult things that victims and survivors of abuse tell us is that the non-physical abuse they suffer is indescribable. Bruises and cuts are visible. But when someone insists they love you but bully, undermine and manipulate you, the effects are hidden. Questions survivors often ask are, how could I have let someone treat me like that?! And how did I let it carry on for so long?! - still blaming themselves. It is the small "low-level" abusive, everyday behaviour that results in people staying away, isolating themselves from friends, family and support networks. The impact of which affects children especially. Click on the title for more details about looking for the signs and the seeking help.

Resources for discussing Domestic Abuse


Expect Respect - Resource


Female Genital Mutilation

Lesson Plan about FGM

PowerPoint about FGM

The Tackling FGM Initiative (a six year initiative involving 51 organisations focused on community based prevention work to tackle FGM in the UK) held an event ‘Communities Tackling FGM in the UK’ in 2016. They would like to share with you the learning, achievements and recommendations from the TFGMI.

The event was an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the Tackling FGM Initiative, the impact and added value of community based FGM prevention work and also key learning and recommendations to ensure that we end the practice in the UK.



Radio clip on abusive relationships


Vice - When your Teenage Romance turns into Domestic Violence


Useful Websites

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service - Intervene at the earliest opportunity to prevent a situation escalating. Provide 'places of safety' in a crisis where necessary; support families back into communities following a crisis as soon as possible, linking them into other local services, contribute to safeguarding children by supporting stability in families and offering specialist advice to other professionals.

For more information about GDASS and the service it provides, please visit or call 0845 602 9035.


Glostakeastand - to end all types of violence and abuse - Gloucestershire organisations, groups and communities joining together to take a stand against all types of violence and abuse


Sexual Exploitation

Guidance, Resources and Advice

NSPCC Get everyone talking PANTS! Resources to support teaching younger children how to keep themselves save.

Child Sexual Exploitation lesson plan

Child Sexual Exploitation - NHS England Advice for Healthcare Staff. Includes signs and possible indicators of CSE as well as what to do if you suspect a child or young person is at risk of CSE.

Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board - Friend or Foe. Who can you trust? A sexual Exploitation and Relationships Education Programme.

Video -  The Sexual Exploitation of Children - Can you recognise the signs?

Friend Request - a video including the views and experiences of a number of young people; a parent whose daughter was groomed through social media; and extracts from a poem written by a victim who was exploited for sex.

Stop the traffik - resources for use with young people. Covering what human tracking is, how it affects your life and the lives of others, and what you can do to combat it.


Recre8 - BAIT Take a Closer Look

BAIT is the third film produced from a collaboration between Recre8, Pretty Hate Productions and Daniel Alexander Films, following on from the success of both HURT and HOLD.

The film tells the story of a young schoolgirl, Grace, and her spiral down into the chilling and very real world of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The film has been developed with a unique and insightful resource, designed to be used alongside the film in an educational setting.
BAIT was funded and supported by Birmingham City Council and other credited supporters and has received nationwide attention as an important, relevant and needed piece of work that will only help our understanding of the issue of C.S.E and help the way that we tackle it.

Visit the website to find out if you're eligible for a free copy of the film and resource.


 Chelsea's Choice

Chelsea's Choice


Click here for Chelsea's Choice resources

Click here for exploitation lesson



Useful Websites

Blast - Sexual Exploitation Project supporting Boys and Young Men






 Guidance, Resources and Advice 

Tea Consent - an excellent video on the concept of consent

The Daily Mail - 'Is it normal to have sex when you don't want to?' Shockingly, there are many women who don't know the answer, says a writer campaigning to put them right.

Give and Get Consent - A resource for schools written by GHLL in partnership with the Education and Learning Sub group of the Gloucester Safeguarding Children Board. It follows on from the Teenage Relationship Abuse teaching pack and is designed to answer additional questions regarding consent. You can book on to the training here.

Sexual harassment in schools: a guide for teachers (The Guardian)

MPs seek better plan to fight school sexual harassment - BBC News

Useful Websites

THINKUKNOW - Protecting your children from abuse online. Learn how to keep your child safe online, get advice, and learn what signs may point to child abuse or sexual exploitation. Videos available for all age ranges.

Click here for THINKUKNOW Teachers

Click here for THINKUKNOW Parents


For Staff

How can professionals identify behaviour indicating young people are at risk of sexual exploitation? Click for resources

Multi-agency protocol for safeguarding children who are at risk of abuse through child sexual exploitation

CSE training PowerPoint

DFE Child Sexual Exploitation Step by Step Guide for Practitioners


Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Briefing Sheet

Winter 2016