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Transition to Secondary School

Transition to secondary school

Help students consider the transition to secondary school and identify some of the challenges that can arise.


Y6 - Y7 Transition Ideas for Schools

The summer term is traditionally the time of year when schools plan a raft of activities and events to support pupils moving from one phase of their education to the next. The Transition ideas for schools document gives specific ideas and tips to help support pupils, which can be easily incorporated into a ‘Transition booklet’ that pupils can keep as a record and take with them into Year 7.


Year 6 Transition Sessions

Use this transition plan to help build sessions to help guide children through to Y7. These documents link to the transition plan:


Be Awesome, Go Big

Transition to secondary school

Using peer-to-peer discussion and activities, students will explore the transition to secondary school.

Lesson plan includes:

  • PowerPoint for use in class
  • Starter activities – carry out a baseline assessment of students' prior knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Core peer-to-peer activities, plenaries and exciting extension ideas
  • A film to support the activities

Get lesson plan for Year 6


Transition: Resilience Framework

A resilience and coping framework for supporting transitions back to school from the British Psychological Society.


Building Confidence

There are three stages to help children thrive during transition. But these stages can also be applied to adults as well. The resource 'Building Children's Confidence to Thrive in Secondary School' discusses these three stages, and then looks at five steps to help get children ready for Secondary school.


Managing Transitions Toolkit

Transitioning to a new phase of school can be a difficult time under normal circumstances, but in this pandemic, the change may bring up more complex emotions than usual.

In their latest toolkit, the Anna Freud Mentally Healthy Schools team have pulled together lots of fantastic resources for teachers, parents and carers, to help prepare children for the change and help them mange and understand their emotions at this time.

Managing Transitions Toolkit


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