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New Resources

           Online training module and videos to support RSHE implementation

          Listen to episodes on statutory RSE, sexual health and pornography

          Panel discussion hosted by Bounce Forward

          A set of assembly and other material focused on emotional and mental health for use with children    aged 3-11 years - free for all schools. 

         Three sessions plans based on short film clips. Each clip shows a fictional online chat where              young people request, receive and discuss issues related to nude images.

          What should be taught about sexual pleasure.

          A research portal from RCPCH with studies from across the UK that are collecting children and          young people's experiences and insights of the Covid-19 pandemic and it's impact.

          Article with links covering What Pride is and how Pride Month is being celebrated in 2020  


Working out Relationships? KS4 lesson plan

‘Working out Relationships?’ is a free-to-access lesson pack designed to bust common myths about the ‘perfect relationship’ and manage young people’s relationship expectations. We have just awarded it our Quality Mark for PSHE teaching resources.

The lessons draw on findings from an innovative 10-year research project on what helps long term relationships to thrive, and have been produced by academics at the University of Exeter. These materials will support planning for statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) from September.

Built around a short animation and accompanying infographic, the interactive 2-part lesson plans feature two fictitious 16-year old couples. One relationship involves a controlling partner, and pupils will learn how to identify and avoid such relationships and — where necessary — how to exit one safely. In lesson two, pupils will learn strategies to start to build positive, potentially lasting, relationships of their own.

The pack includes PowerPoint lessons one and two, accompanying teaching guides, video and infographic. The University will supply A4 and A3 laminated copies of the infographic for classroom walls free of charge on request.