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While staying at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19), parents, carers and pupils may be concerned about the world beyond school and young people’s wellbeing.

Taking time with children to explore their hopes, dreams and plans for the future, can open a doorway to consider life and opportunities beyond the here and now. Maybe your child has found out they will not be taking their exams this year or is getting ready to transition into a new school.

Talking about the possibilities for the future can create a safe space to acknowledge the loss of this rite of passage, recognise and celebrate hard-work and explore additional ways to fulfil young people’s hopes and dreams for their future.


Home-learning together

Our joint PhD student, Krystal Douglas, has drawn on her experience as an education researcher on young people’s aspirations to create a series of home-learning resources to help families talk about the world beyond school with a focus on young people’s hopes and wellbeing.

We have included resources so you and your child can begin to think and talk to each other about the future. It’s important to explore the future, not just in relation to their education, but also considering what they may enjoy, change or plan for, in the months and years to come.

Krystal Douglas FRSA

We are currently facing the future, whilst taking each day as it comes. Even though we are far apart, we hope these activities offer an introduction to new ways we may be able to imagine a future for our young people, all together. Read Krystal’s full letter to parents and guardians on these resources here


New resources

My Past, Present and Future Timeline (Key Stage 1-2)

Create your own timeline marking your biggest achievements, life events and hope for the future. Use the downloadable template or show off your creativity by creating your own.

Download My Past, Present and Future Timeline Worksheet


Dear ‘Future Me’ letter (Key Stage 1-2)

Write a letter to your future self that will be opened at an agreed future date. This resource has been designed for parents to use at home with their children to help start a conversation about hope for the future and to help set some personal goals.

Download Dear ‘Future Me’ Letter Worksheet


Infinity Game (Key Stage 1-2)

Explore future dreams, self-affirmations and big world predictions with young children through this simple and fun board game.

Download Infinity Game


Questioning University (Key Stage 3+)

We’ve added a board game to explore some questions about degree options and consider some advantages and challenges young people may encounter at university if that’s something that may be on their horizon.

Download Questioning University Game Template 

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