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Welcome to the twenty-fourth SEAL Newsletter. It focuses on practical ideas for building essential social and emotional learning into your work with children during the coronavirus epidemic. You can read it online by clicking the links below,  or download a pdf version of all the content here. Please remember you need to be logged into the site to view these links. Login at now.

All Gloucestershire schools and LA staff can now have full access to the SEAL Community website, download member resources, receive the regular newsletter, join SEAL interest groups and post on the forums.

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  • You will be asked whether your organisation is already a member of the SEAL Community.
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Sharing Practice

Keeping up the sense of belonging when children are not in school
At Goldfield Infants’ and Nursery School staff created a slogan ‘we stand together even though we are apart’ and planned a display featuring members...

How one school kept up its work on character during remote schooling
At Northampton Academy secondary school staff have developed a whole home-learning programme on character development. They developed a theme, ‘...


Practical tips and tools

Back to school in COVID-19 times
When children return to school after staying at home for many months, they will bring with them accumulated baggage of anxiety, frustration, low...

Tips for remote learning
1. Secure your own safety belt first. Put self-care at the top of your list – take time for a  mindfulness meditation 2. Prioritise...

Tips for helping children manage unexpected endings and transitions
1. Make explicit that unexpected endings and transitions are difficult, and that it is normal to feel unsettled or upset.   2. If you have..


Resource roundup

COVID-19 resources

We’ve uploaded a batch of new resources to the SEAL website:

When the tension goes
‘For when you’re not feeling great about something, or someone, or about yourself, here are some things you can do to feel a bit better.’ We really liked these free resources from People Intelligence. Suitable for KS2 and 3, they are attractive worksheets for a class, small group or individual and cover topics such as identifying and expressing feelings, calming down, and self-care. They have engaging titles like ‘how to not feel so alone’, ‘how to feel good enough’, ‘how to sort out your head’. Find them at

The Connect PSHE Wellbeing Curriculum
This has around 250 detailed lesson plans (all with PowerPoints, handouts and resources) for YR through to Y6. Every one has an opening mindfulness activity and brief follow up enquiry. The initial online training, and a sample of lessons and resources, is currently being offered for free to support teacher CPD during the global response to COVID19. Schools and educational professionals can sign up here:

Go Noodle
Have you discovered Go Noodle ? It has lots of free energising wellbeing activities in short films, some helpful for social and emotional learning. We liked this one in which children mood-walk, to practise emotion recognition.

Making a self-soothe box and other calming strategies
This is a very useful film for teenage girls, made by teenage girls, about making a self-soothe box to help with anxiety  

For other children Young Minds have this guidance

Brilliant video on dealing with anxiety and stress

This is an excellent presentation for children and young people about how to understand and deal with anxiety and stress caused by the coronavirus events - good for them to watch at home. It was made by clinical psychologists in the UK.


The Seal Community Newsletter 25

Welcome to the twenty-fifth SEAL Newsletter. We think you are deluged with advice about promoting children’s wellbeing on the return to school, so we have stuck to just ten top tips and a few of the best resources. Otherwise we return to news, ideas, information and research on the core business of promoting social and emotional learning, not just in response to a crisis but as a ‘forever’ part of how we educate children and young people. You can read the newsletter online by clicking the links below, or download a pdf version of all the content here. Please remember you need to be logged into the site to view these links. Login at now.



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