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 Post COVID19 support


Support a Safe & Successful Return to School using the SWAN framework

Your Trainer – Pooky Knightsmith free on line course using videos and discussion





RESTORE provides a restorative perspective that can inform how we plan for the return to the classrooms, playgrounds and corridors of physical schools.
It highlights seven key areas which, alongside learning, are where we need to stimulate thinking and make decisions in order to collectively move forward into a healthy ‘new normal’. The areas intersect, interconnect and affect each other, as we all do. RESTORE is a lens through which staff, children and parents can look at the strategy and plans that are needed for everyone’s well-being in a fast changing environment and for a safe and healthy return to school.

For more details click on the link /restore.pdf


From Crisis to Kindness: Seminars for Mental Health Awareness Week

The Anna Freud Centre is hosting a free seminar series, 'From Crisis to Kindness', for Mental Health Awareness Week. (May 2020)


Free bereavement training for teachers

On average, 1 in every 29 children will be bereaved of a parent. That’s one in every class. Whether your student has been bereaved recently or several years ago, they need support from the school community to ensure that they can cope with their grief. That’s why it’s vital that teachers and staff understand how to support the grieving children and young people in their school.

Winston's Wish have created free online bereavement training courses which will help you understand how grief affects a child or young person and how you can help them cope with their grief. The courses are designed for schools but would be useful for anyone who works with bereaved children. Written by the Winston’s Wish team, drawing on their many years of experience supporting bereaved children, and created by Learning Nexus.

These courses are free, just fill out the form on the link below to access them. 


Transition back in to school.

Transitioning back into school following the Coronavirus lockdown will be an anxious time for many staff and pupils
and it is important that schools try to manage this transition as smoothly as possible.
Some ideas to think about both prior to the children returning to school and once they are in school.