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Free Transition Support for Gloucestershire Schools

This October  we are able to announce new transition support for Gloucestershire schools.

Free online training is available for Gloucestershire  primary school staff, delivered by Sarah Lewis, lasting two hours. Your school will receive information, materials and support in order to deliver the RISE session to your pupils. Only one member of staff needs to attend in order to get the resources and support, however more are welcome. Further details are below

Staff training sessions are taking place on:


Wednesday 18th November 2020 12pm-2pm

Wednesday 16th December 2020 12pm-2pm 



Wednesday 20th January 2021 12pm-2pm

Wednesday 3rd February 2021 12pm-2pm  

Wednesday 17th February 2021 12pm-2pm

Contact Sarah Lewis to sign up or for more information: 


Kidscape has been funded by The National Lottery to support primary schools, throughout Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, to establish a smooth transition to secondary school for their Year 6 pupils.  With the disruption of lockdown and social distancing restrictions, helping young people to positively manage change and uncertainty is more important than ever. 

Kidscape have developed a workshop and support package for school staff to deliver to their young people. The workshop will support young people as they adjust to the mental and emotional challenges of transition from primary to secondary school, not just the practical arrangements.


School staff will receive the following to support them deliver the programme: 

  • Training on the content and delivery of the RISE workshop.
  • Materials to deliver the RISE workshop to their pupils.
  • RISE Pupil handbook.
  • One-to-one Kidscape support.
  • Accompanying RISE Parent Toolkit to support families at home.


RISE is designed to be a practical and empowering workshop that builds confidence and resilience in young people.

​After attending the RISE workshop young people should: ​ 

  1. Feel more confident about the transition to secondary school.
  2. Be able to understand and manage their own emotions.
  3. Have a stronger sense of self.
  4. Understand how to form positive relationships with others and handle conflict​.
  5. Feel more confident in managing peer pressure.
  6. Understand how to identify a bullying situation and take positive action to stop it. ​
  7. Have a range of strategies for staying safe​.
  8. Know where to seek help and support.




Download the Full Guidance here


Managing Transitions

Transitioning to a new phase of school can be a difficult time under normal circumstances, but in this pandemic, the change may bring up more complex emotions that usual.

In their latest toolkit, our Mentally Healthy Schools team have pulled together lots of fantastic resources for teachers, parents and carers, to help prepare children for the change and help them mange and understand their emotions at this time.

Managing Transitions Toolkit