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    Produced by Sex Education Forum
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Loudmouth is an educational theatre company. They have been running since 1994 and usually go into schools running plays and workshops on topics that support the schools’ Personal, Social and Health Education programmes e.g. relationships, puberty, staying safe, mental health and drugs & alcohol. They have created lesson plans to support our work. These resources are usually only available to teachers in schools who book Loudmouth however during the school closure we are now giving access to everyone including parents.

All you need to do is to log on to our website here  and enter the username : and the password loudmouth2020 

There are over 130 lesson plans on there covering topics from bullying, puberty, relationships, drugs and alcohol and many, many more.


Click or press on the green icon to watch a video on how to search on the website for what you need. You can easily choose the age range or topic so that you can find the lesson plans that are appropriate for your students or child. There are loads to choose from and you can adapt them to work one to one or run remotely. There are some great exercises that parents can use to start discussions including quizzes and card activities. Why not try some of the most popular lesson plans such as What is Bullying?, Puberty Cards, STI Card Game?



During the lockdown we will bring you regular links to some of the great online resources for home education. We get sent links to some great material and so we'll pass these on to you. You can find a link to some home education resources on the website using the blue icon on the left.


Articles and links

Video: A video with 10 clear tips to help school leaders and PSHE co-ordinators on the Road to Statutory RSE

Summary Guide: 20 Key Points From Draft Guidance on Compulsory Relationships, Sex and Relationships & Health Education

Lucy Whitehouse on 'home schooling and sex education this summer'
Article in the Independent, with links to our partners Outspoken and Sexplain.

Online safety at home CEOP activity pack for families 
Downloadable packs available for children aged 4-5 up to 14+ 

COVID-19 sexual health guidance 
COVID-19 guidance and resources that have been produced by FSRH, BASHH, BHIVA, Terrence Higgins Trust, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Brook and the Association of Directors of Public Health.

Digital intimacies & young people - journal article
'What and how: doing good research with young people, digital intimacies, and relationships and sex education', by Rachel Scott and others. 

RSE lessons at home... from Outspoken: ages 4-11
A pack of free RSE activities from Outspoken Sex Ed, that families can use at home with primary age children. 

RSE lessons at home.... from Outspoken: ages 11-16
Free RSE activities from Outspoken Sex Ed, that families can use at home with secondary age children. 

Parent engagement surveys
Consult with parents about RSE using the Sex Education Forum questions as a template - free for members

To download the full document click here

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