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Pupils with SEND

In special schools and for some pupils with special educational needs or disability (SEND) in mainstream schools, you may need to tailor content and teaching to meet the specific needs of pupils at different developmental stages.

For pupils with an education, health and care (EHC) plan, you might want to link lesson outcomes with statutory preparing for adulthood outcomes. See SEND code of practice, section 8 for more information about preparing for adulthood.

You should make sure that your teaching is:

  • sensitive
  • age-appropriate
  • developmentally appropriate
  • delivered with reference to the law


RSE resources list – Special Educational Needs and Disability 

This resource list has been updated for the Countdown to Statutory RSE – getting relationships and sex education right for disabled children and those with SEN conference, held on 29th March 2019. The list aims to provide easy reference to a wide range of available resources and teaching materials for relationships and sex education (RSE) suitable for use with disabled children and those with special educational needs (SEN). A suggested age-range is given for each resource; however the needs of children and young people varies so this should be used as a guide only.
The list includes materials produced by Sex Education Forum partner organisations and other organisations both not-for-profit and commercial. It is not a comprehensive list but we have prioritised resources that are up-to-date and available.
The Sex Education Forum advises professionals to make their own choices about which resources to use. We do not endorse the resources on this list. The questions in the box below can help you to choose and use a resource that will contribute to good quality RSE.

To download the teaching resources and lesson plans click here

RSE definitions’ - a guide on separate definitions for relationships and sex education to enable statutory compliance and a new series of SEND inclusive RSE – short guide

Our new webinar on ‘Values for Teaching RSE’ is available from January 2021.  

Models for use with pupils with SEND 

Bodysense have made further improvements to their innovative 3D Wendy model of the female genitalia and internal reproductive organs. Wendy is used by professionals delivering the RSE curriculum to all ability levels of young people when covering reproductive health, STIs and FGM, assisted by the extensive Notes for Users.


You being you - your gender and sexuality 

3 minute SEND inclusive animation from Mencap explaining gender identity and sexual orientation  - access from Youtube and accompanying resources from Mencap