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Pupil Wellbeing Survey

The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey will open in January and this letter explains some planned changes that have been made to the forthcoming survey.


Changes to the service:

The Online Pupil Survey™ and the Lodeseeker® portal to access school and college data has been recommissioned via a competitive tender process. These services will now be delivered by a new provider, RM Insight Ltd. We are grateful to our previous provider, Foster and Brown Ltd, for developing the Online Pupil Survey™ into the valuable resource we have today, and we look forward to working with RM Insight Ltd to continue to build on its success.


What this means for you:

As a current user of the Lodeseeker® portal, which holds previous years’ survey data, you should have recently been sent new login details from Foster and Brown, as required for data security purposes. If you are a current user and have not received updated login details, please contact Pauline Foster;


The 2020 survey will open in January; it will be delivered by the new provider, RM Insight Ltd and will be called the Pupil Wellbeing Survey (PWS). The portal that will hold the survey data, including all historical survey data, will be known as Pupilinform. This directly replaces Lodeseeker®. Your current access to Lodeseeker® will remain active until the 31st December.


What you need to do:

The new Pupilinform portal will be launched on the 29th November. If you would like to have access to Pupilinform, please confirm this in an email to Sarah MacDonald, by Friday 29th November. RM Insight Ltd will contact you directly with your login details.


Please note that the logins are unique to the individuals they have been allocated to and should not be shared. If another person within your organisation would like to apply for a login for the Pupilinform portal, please contact Beth Bennett-Britton, or Fiona Quan,


Further details on Pupilinform user training and how to register for a login will be sent to you, directly from the new provider RM Insight Ltd. We would encourage you to access Pupilinform prior to access to Lodeseeker® ceasing on the 31st December.

Yours sincerely


Beth Bennett-Britton

Public Health Consultant – Maternity & Children and Public Mental Health

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