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Health and Wellbeing - Key Stage 5

Here are a list of resources which we have found to be useful in teaching PSHE and around the wider curriculum of promoting health and wellbeing. None of these are endorsed by us and as in our disclaimer, we are not responsible for any of their content, however we hope you may find some of them useful.

Health and Wellbeing

Guidance, Resources and Advice

Youth Health Talk - Some great resources and articles on popular topics like Depression, Health and Weight, and Cancer.

Direct Gov - Department of Health

What does your period cost you? - a great video from the BBC.



(to download, right click on image, 'save picture as')





Sexual Health

Guidance, Resources and Advice

NHS Choices - Sexual Health - NHS advice, guidance and information on topics such as contraception, pregnancy and STIs.

Hope House - Free Sexual Health Services and where to find them in Gloucestershire


Suicide Prevention

"At age 30, she wanted to commit suicide..." -  a powerful animation highlighting the importance of resilience and suicide prevention that will resonate with young people.