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Health and Wellbeing - Key Stage 1&2

Health and Wellbeing

Guidance, Resources and Articles

NHS Life Check - advice on improving many aspects of health for individuals and whole families

E-Bug - an exciting, fun and free health education resource for teachers and school aged children. The resources make learning about microbes, antibiotic resistance, and the spread, treatment and prevention of infection fun and accessible for all.

Free E-Bug Key Stage 1 Resource Pack

Free E-Bug Key Stage 2 Resource Pack

How to Teach...sugar - Guardian article featuring links to a number of primary and secondary suitable resources

Activity Icons 'could help healthy living' - a BBC article explaining how a simple icon on food packaging could be the answer...

NHS Choices - Healthy Eating - provides up to date information on healthy eating for all ages

Public Health England - The link between pupil health and wellbeing and attainment

Guidance, Resources and Articles

Little Red Book - Where to go for help on mental health and emotional wellbeing. Useful contacts.

How to promote good mental health among teachers and students in your school - an article in from The Guardian. Discuss mental illness regularly, incorporate more exercise and encourage honest dialogue, suggests the government's mental health champion for schools.

The Children's Society - We all need to keep poverty in mind

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) Children's Books Catalogue 2016 - Lots of lovely books for exploring mental health and emotional wellbeing issues with under 11s. Source - Pooky Knightsmith's blog.


Useful Websites

Mind - for better mental health

In Our Hands - Pooky Knightsmith - Pooky is a mental health ambassador and educator. Her website is packed full of useful resources and guidance.

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