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Health and Wellbeing - Key Stage 3&4

Guidance, Resources and Advice

Shift - encouraging people to make positive life changes in small steps

NHS Life Check - advice on improving many aspects of health for individuals and whole families

E-Bug - an exciting, fun and free health education resource for teachers and school aged children. The resources make learning about microbes, antibiotic resistance, and the spread, treatment and prevention of infection fun and accessible for all.

Free E-Bug Key Stage 3 Resource Pack

Free E-Bug Key Stage 4 Resource Pack

How to teach...sugar - Guardian article featuring links to a number of primary and secondary suitable resources

Quitday - Support for quitting smoking

Activity icons 'could help healthy living' - BBC News article

NHS Live Well - Healthy Eating - Up to date info on healthy eating for all ages

Food a Fact of Life - Food - a Fact of Life provides a wealth of free resources about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming for children and young people aged 3 to 16 years. The resources are progressive, stimulate learning and support the curriculum throughout the UK. All resources are designed to ensure that consistent and up-to-date messages are delivered. Look out for the online diet and physical interactive tool mywellbeing for 11-16 - a great resource for teenagers.

Public Health England - The Link between pupil health and wellbeing and attainment

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