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PSHE & SRE - Key Stage 3&4

This page contains links to PSHE, SRE and Healthy Relationships resources.

Guidance, Resources and Articles

New Student Induction - PSHE, Core Theme 2: Relationships (PowerPoint)

Year 7 PSHE Relationships Booklet - Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy

template letter to parents re the teaching of SRE in schools

Give and Get - GHLL resource about consent

Great poster that shows the importance of teaching PSHE to young people click here

PSHE subject page on the Ofsted Website: this page has links to some of the organisations in the PSHE strategic Partners Groups but not all and to some other organisations that are not part of the group but are relevant to PSHE issues in schools

Sex and Relationship Education Guidance - Department for Education good practice

Effective learning methods - Approaches to teaching about sex and relationships within PSHE and Citizenship

Primary SRE Training Day with Rachel McKenna PowerPoint & recommended book list

Durex - Do SRE for schools Free SRE teaching resources with the PSHE Association Quality Mark. Self-reflection exercises, teaching guidance and lesson plans - can help deliver SRE that inspires young people. You can also Discover the Evidence that supports the importance of SRE to young people.

Sex Education Forum - Secondary Resource List

BBC News - Pornography 'desensitising young people'

Want to know why young people are sexting? Try asking them. - an article by Iman Amrani for the Guardian

Sex education in a digital world - The Children's Society

BMJ Open - What do young people think about their school-based sex and relationships education? A qualitative synthesis of young people's views and experiences.


Useful Websites

Rise Above - A great site for teens packed with games, advice, videos and more to prepare them for real life issues such as relationships, exams, body image and more.


SRE resources from the Family Planning Association (FPA)

These resources are available for download but not for print. Many of the resources can be purchased from the FPA online shop.

Primary FPA Resources - click here



Controlling Behaviour in Relationships, Guide for parents

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is seeing your children feeling hurt in their friendships and relationships.

Yet we cannot shield them from every insult and argument; it’s an important part of growing up.

However, it’s vital to be aware of the difference between behaviour that can be thought of as ‘rites of passage’ and behaviour which has more serious implications.

We want young women, young men and teenagers to have relationships that are free from abuse. Educating young people and teenagers about domestic abuse is one of the most effective ways of preventing abuse in future relationships.

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