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Substance Misuse - Key Stage 3&4

Resources, guidelines and articles

QCDA guidance was published in 2005 by the (then) QCA, now the QCDA:

The Home Office, DfES and DoH produced Understanding drugs: drug education pack for schools - KS 3 in 2006. It contains two booklets for teachers, a pupils' booklet and a CD ROM

Swept under the carpet: children affected by parental alcohol misuse - a tooklit developed by Alcohol Concern and funded by the Department of Health.

E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Containin Products (NCPs) - information on e-cigarettes

Royal Society for Public Health - Taking a New Line on Drugs

Drinkaware for Education -  Resources for Primary and Secondary teaching, when introducing and developing alcohol awareness with pupils.

The Alcohol Education Trust (AET) is able to offer the following resources free of charge to all UK schools:

  • AET Teacher Workbook - 100 page document including lesson plans, games and quizzes organised by topic and year group - 1 copy

  • 'Alcohol and You' student guide - up to 250 copies (or enough for a year group)

  • 'Talking to Kids about Alcohol' parent guide - up to 250 copies (or enough for a year group)

All resources are:

  • Dfe Approved

  • PSHE Association quality assured

  • Listed as one of The Early Intervention Foundation's Top 50 most effective programmes.

If you haven't received your resources this academic year, please email

Update 3rd December 2016 - The Alcohol Education Trust have created a new resource pack which includes the updated 'Talk about Alcohol' workbook (5th edition), 60 full colours laminates of pictures, activities and scenarios; an updated version of the BAFTA award winning Just a Few Drinks DVD and their guidance for those working with children with moderate learning difficulties. The complete learning resources for 11-18 year olds will be available for the Spring Term for a one off cost of £90. To reserve your copy or to learn more, email


Useful Websites

Fixers - Shared stories and advice on alcohol, drugs, crime and other issues

Talk About Alcohol - an educational website full of games, facts and more

Talk to Frank - an informative website about drugs use, effects and treatment

Drinkaware - designed to help inform about the implications of drinking alcohol

Lions Lifeskills - formerly Tacade, this fantastic website overs lots of resources for sex, drugs, alcohol and more, for all key stages

Legal Highs

Legal Highs (Novel Psychoactive Substances)

BBC News - Legal highs: Spice addiction 'made me punch myself' (article from 13th May 2016)

BT News - How will the new legal high legislation work?

Alcohol Education Trust newsletter Autumn 2015

Drug Rehab is an organisation that provides information and answers for people fighting addiction. The information is clear and very accessible making it an interesting resource for those supporting a person with an addiction or simply to help people in general understand more about addiction.

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