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Turn washing your hands into a mindful moment

Mindfulness can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places – but what about handwashing? It’s something we're all thinking about a lot more than ever before, so why not infuse this healthy habit with a bit of luxury? From self-massage to soothing scents, here we explore five ways you can turn this hygienic ritual into a mindful moment






Struggling to focus? Try this breathing technique

We all struggle to maintain concentration every now and then. But what if regaining our focus was as easy as, well, breathing? Apparently, it can be. Try this expert-recommended breathing technique to help clear foggy minds, and get you back on track. 


Five benefits of forest bathing

Heading out into the wild this weekend? Forest bathing is the practice of totally immersing yourself in nature, and it has fruitful benefits. Here, with the help of a certified forest therapy guide, we unearth the ways that exploring the great outdoors can support our wellbeing





10 reasons to practise gratitude

Showing gratitude for both the big and small things in our lives has the power to transform our state of mind and wellbeing. So we've decided to dive deeper into exactly how gratitude benefits you, and share some of our favourite ways that you can start incorporating feel-good habits into your daily routine.


Knowledge is power with the perimenopause

Dr Louise Newson is on a mission to help every woman live well during and after the perimenopause. On Happiful’s podcast she shares the impact the perimenopause can have and how to work positively with your healthcare practitioner