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Self Care Techniques and Resources for Staff



Mental Wellbeing Practices

Mental health poster

Support for School or College Staff 

Parents, carers and school staff can often be impacted by children’s mental health. These resources can help adults better support children, and also find the help that they themselves might need. 

  • Family Links: Mental and Emotional Health in Schools: effective strategies and support for schools as they respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and its impact on the whole learning community: Free Online Course. 
  • Mentally Healthy Schools: a range of free coronavirus and mental health toolkits with useful resources and guidance to support school staff, parents and carers through the challenges they face as a result of the pandemic. This includes: 
    • Resources for managing anxiety and improving wellbeing 
    • Dealing with the effects of lockdown 
    • Resources for building resilience  
  • TES: Coronavirus and Schools: A one-stop-shop for teachers who want to know what impact the ongoing pandemic will have on their working lives.

  • TES SEN Show: Supporting the Emotional and Mental Health of the Education Workforce free webinar. Suitable for all Key Stages. 

  • Schools’ Wellbeing Partnership: Mental health and wellbeing in primary schools –Preparing for Recovery: Self-review and Signposting Tool. 


Burnout: Recognising the signs and protecting yourself

Education Support: Their Director of Programmes, Faye McGuinness, looks at how you can recognise the symptoms of burnout and shares tips to help you beat it.

How to spot burnout in teachers (



The Building Blocks of Good Mental Wellbeing

Create healthy habits and a lifestyle that supports your mental wellbeing through a few simple steps taken at your own pace.

The building blocks of good mental wellbeing (

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