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Accessing your Pupil Wellbeing Survey Results

Pupil Inform is the database we use to access results on the Pupil Wellbeing Survey from previous years. It is a powerful tool that can be used to compare results against statistical neighbours etc.

General guidance on how to get the most out of Pupil Inform

Guidance on downloading a school report on Pupil Inform

  • If you previously had login details but can’t remember your password simply input your email address, click "Don’t remember your password?", and follow instructions
  • Otherwise type in your credentials followed by log on

On the right-hand side are your filter buttons that you can run a report from. The Geography box will automatically be populated with YOUR school, the Comparator filter will automatically show as Gloucestershire (whole county) but you can change this to compare with the district of your school or the statistical nearest neighbour group (similar characteristics) of your school if you would like.


Pupil Wellbeing Survey 2022

The Pupil Wellbeing Survey 2022 will go 'live' in January 2022 for all schools and colleges in Gloucestershire.

2022 Pupil Wellbeing Survey sign up

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