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Gloucestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy  2019 - 2030

The Gloucestershire Way

We know that connected and empowered communities are healthy communities. The assets within communities, such as the skills and knowledge, social networks and community organisations, are building blocks for good health.

As part of our commitment to improving health and wellbeing, we seek to develop our relationships and connections with communities and recognise local strengths. Often referred to as a ‘strengths-based’ or ‘asset-based’ approach, this requires a different way of thinking and different conversations. We have some excellent examples of where this already happens but we want to build on this.

The Gloucestershire Way will be to build a shared understanding and commitment to working in a strengths-based approach. This will be underpinned with a clear set of guiding values. Through this shift in ways of working, we will build community strength and resilience with associated improvements in health and wellbeing.

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