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Talking about Ukraine and Russia

We know that children and young people may be worried or upset when hearing the news about Russia invading Ukraine so we have created a list of resources and organisations that can help

Useful resources for talking about Ukraine and Russia - BBC Children in Need



The invasion of Ukraine is a deeply disturbing development. As a mental health charity, we know that the psychological impact of war can be felt sometimes for generations. We are working towards developing a greater understanding of trauma and the impact on children and families.

The UK Trauma Council, founded by the Anna Freud Centre, includes general information about the impact of trauma.

We have also had specific requests for advice on how to best respond to our children’s natural curiosity and growing anxiety around the conflict in Ukraine. In response we have developed some useful suggestions with BBC Bitesize for parents and carers you may wish to share with the families you support. 

For professionals, the UK Trauma Council has a range of information and resources to help improve outcomes for refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people which signposts to a range of resources you may find helpful.

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