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Guidance for professionals in Gloucestershire working with young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns

Youth Wellbeing Directory 

The Youth Wellbeing Directory is a directory of free mental health support services across the UK for those aged up to 25.  The Centre has recently reviewed over 1,300 services listed to ensure that the service details remain accurate and have highlighted where service delivery may have changed due to Covid-19.  Members are encouraged to check that all services in their local area are listed on the directory to ensure that young people and their families know where to turn to find support.

The Youth Wellbeing Directory is part of On My Mind, a section of the Centre's website to support children and young people who are struggling with their mental health.  Other resources including a guide to understanding referrals, information about what to expect when working with a service, a jargon buster of mental health terms written by young people and our popular self-care resource with 90+ strategies to help with depression and low mood identified and written by young people. 

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