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Meet the Team 


Kate Barnes -     

  • GHLL Secondary and Further Education Lead Teacher
  • 20 years’ experience in Post 16 teaching, pastoral, welfare, PSHE, personal development and performance monitoring
  • Areas of interest: skills and attributes for preparation for adulthood; trauma- informed approaches, health, and wellbeing for all.


Ella Curtis - 

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher
  • Head teacher in a Forest Primary school.
  • Experienced in supporting with aspects of Personal Development within a school and RHSE provision.


Hayley Hancock - 

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher
  • Experienced Primary and Early Years teacher
  • PSHE and Curriculum coordinator
  • Specialises in TEAA (Trusted Emotionally Available Adult) and eBug


Di Harrill MBE - 

  • GHLL Secondary Lead Teacher
  • Experienced secondary learning lead for PSHE
  • MBE Services to education
  • Specialises in Suicide prevention, Getting Court Programme and new to PSHE training


Belinda Heaven -

  • GHLL Lead Teacher for metnal and emotional wellbeing across all education phases
  • Expereicned Consultant trainer with a nursing background
  • Specialises in developing bespoke packages to support both staff and pupil wellbeing
  • Oversight MHFA, staff wellbeing, pupil assembles
  • Author of 'The Mental Health Handbook for Primary School'


Santina Iannone -

  • GHLL Secondary Lead Teacher 
  • Former Assistant Head for Behaviour and Welfare in a Forest of Dean secondary school
  • Subject Lead for PSHE (Independent sector)
  • Senior Mental healh trainer
  • Specialises in RSHE/PSHE Curriculum planning (vaping, RSE and mental health) assessment, and whole setting approaches


Val Kennedy -

  • SEND GHLL Lead Teacher 
  • Assistant Head at a Gloucestershire SEN school and experienced SEN teacher
  • Specialises in RSHE curriculum planning, training and resources for pupils with SEND


Pete Kirby - 

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher 
  • Former Deputy Headteacher
  • Over twenty years' experience in the field of health and wellbeing education 
  • Currently specialising in Peer Mediation/Circle Time training


Phil Matthews -

  • GHLL Lead Teacher for mental and emotional wellbeing across all educatin phases
  • Experienced Consultant trainer with a teaching background
  • Specialises in developing bespoke packages to support both staff and pupil wellbeing
  • Oversight MHGA, staff wellbeing, pupil assemblies and Mental Health e-learning train the trainer package 


Manda Reedman -

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher 
  • Oversight for Peer Mediation and support of new PSHE subject leaders
  • Assistant Head at a large Gloucester Primary school - responsible for staff and pupil wellbeing, Safeguarding and the curriculum



Lucy Stevens -

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher 
  • SENDCo at a Primary school in the Forest of Dean - responsible also for Pupil Premium, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Lead and Senior Mental Health Lead
  • Focus areas of interest trauma - informed appaorches and mental health 


Mel Turner -

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher 
  • Experienced Primary and Early Years teacher 
  • Specalises in Primary R(S)HE Traning and planning
  • Oversight of the Lumi Nova and myhappymind projects


Nicky Witcomb -

  • GHLL Primary Lead Teacher 
  • Experienced primary teacher 
  • Specialist in primary R(S)HE training and planning 
  • Support for new PSHE subject leaders
  • Lead for Young Minds Matter Schools