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85% of parents reported...We've really benefitted...29.5% of the students reported...How does the process work?The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation...Online Pupil Survey

"85% of parents reported that they had noticed a change in their child’s attitude towards healthy food and exercise as a result of the interventions."

Harewood - Jumpstart programme

"We've really benefitted from being involved with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning partnership, and being able to use a lot of their resources and support."

Matthew Morgan 
Headmaster, Sir Thomas Rich's School

29.5% of the students reported wanting their bodies to look like celebrities before the lessons which reduced to 16% post intervention.

Newent - Body image and self esteem programme

How does the process work?

Read our Ten Steps to gaining and maintaining Healthy Schools/Healthy FE status

The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation process have been carefully designed to support schools through the process

Read more about our Review Tool.

Online Pupil Survey

The OPS is commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council and was developed in partnership with Gloucestershire’s Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership to find out what young people think about a range of health-related issues’.



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Guidance - New Zealand Terrorist Attack

Advice and support for parents, children and teachers affected by terrorism following the New Zealand terrorist attack

Published 18 October 2017

Letter to Schools following the New Zealand attack 20March2019

Anti-Bullying Alliance


The recently re-launched Anti-Bullying Alliance’s All Together programme looks to be exciting and beneficial once again. Get your school involved with this FREE programme to help improve their safeguarding practices around bullying. These resources have been praised by participants over and again, [All Together] “Opened my mind and showed how we can address the issues we are struggling with”.

  • Join the schools that have reduced bullying and improved pupil wellbeing. Sign up to All Together today!
  • Want to evidence to Ofsted effective practice in safeguarding from bullying? Become an All Together school @ABAonline
  • FREE All Together programme supports schools to reduce bullying of all children including those with SEND @ABAonline
  • Does your school want support in tackling bullying and improving pupil wellbeing? Find out how the All Together programme from the Anti-Bullying Alliance can support you to become an All Together School or improve your All Together School status here @antibullyingalliance #stopbullying

LGBT History Month - Frida Kahlo

Stonewall has developed some resources for LGBT History Month on Frida Kahlo.  They consist of a range of lesson plans and accompanying resources for use in both primary and special schools.  Click here to view the resources.

1st International Women's Day Celebration 08.03.19 7pm At the Friendship Cafe, Gloucester


Dress : for yourself

International finger food included

Arrive 7pm

There will be a variety of workshops, competition winners and survey prize draw

Book your tickets now, try something new, celebrate, and enjoy a fun evening


The Coffee Shop will be open



GirlTalk: an emotional and Wellbeing programme for young women

The aim of GirlTalk is to deliver key messages and help develop skills around emotional resilience, mental health and wellbeing for young women which can impact positively on educational achievement, positive health and lifestyle choices and improved health and quality of life.

For more information about this FREE programme that will be delivered in Gloucestershire High Schools and to schedule your school's FREE sessions please see link below:





Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Welcome to Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. This is an umbrella organisation for Gloucestershire Healthy Schools and Gloucestershire Healthy FE (Further Education).

GHLL was launched in July 2012 for schools and colleges across Gloucestershire, supported by Leading Teachers.

Funding is through Public Health and by Gloucestershire County Council. Schools and colleges are offered this supported intervention at no cost.


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