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Every year, Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) gives us the opportunity to talk about mental health issues openly, to signpost to sources of support and to help fight the stigma that surrounds it. This stigma can prevent people from seeking help.  Each year, a different theme is chosen to focus our attention, and this year’s theme is kindness.

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RSE Day - 25 June 2020

GHLL has provided advice and guidance on the new RSE

RSE Day is on 25 June 2020. It is an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. Click here for  primary & secondary ideas packs


Lost For Words

ADVICE FOR CHILDREN ABOUT HOW TO COPE WITH GRIEF - aims to help young people through grief.

The book is made up of quotes, advice and corresponding emojis crowd sourced exclusively from children bereaved from birth to late teenage years.

In line with our COVID-19 contingency planning and the latest Government guidance, we have suspended all of our face to face meetings and  training events and have moved all our services to remote or digital delivery.

We are regularly updating the GHLL website including a new tab 


Advice and updates about COVID19


Every day at 11am you can listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories.

"We've really benefitted from being involved with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning partnership, and being able to use a lot of their resources and support."

Matthew Morgan 
Headmaster, Sir Thomas Rich's School

"85% of parents reported that they had noticed a change in their child’s attitude towards healthy food and exercise as a result of the interventions."

Harewood - Jumpstart programme

How does the process work?

Read our Ten Steps to gaining and maintaining Healthy Schools/Healthy FE status

29.5% of the students reported wanting their bodies to look like celebrities before the lessons which reduced to 16% post intervention.

Newent - Body image and self esteem programme

The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation process have been carefully designed to support schools through the process

Read more about our Review Tool.

What's new

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Get Set to Eat Fresh

Looking for ways to support your students with simple and engaging activities for home and in school?

Created in partnership with Team GB and Aldi, Get Set to Eat Fresh offers free resources for 5-14s for food tech, geography, science and PSHE.

Explore our free curriculum-linked resource library aimed at developing cooking skills, knowledge of nutrition and healthy habits, including our new Home Learning Hub.

Register now to get started with our flexible resources such as our brand new Worlds of Food activities

Kindness Matters guide

You may recognise the expression “it is better to give than receive”, but did you know this is backed up by research?  

People who are kind and compassionate see clear benefits to their wellbeing and happiness. They may even live longer. Kindness can also help reduce stress and improve our emotional wellbeing.  We have some tips and suggestions for doing something kind for a friend or stranger today in our Kindness Matters Guide’

10 Days of Happiness - free online coaching program for challenging times

Boost your wellbeing during the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic brings big challenges for our mental health, whether you're isolating at home or trying to live with the new restrictions. This program can help you cope and find a little more happiness in these crazy times.

Wellbeing Packs

The Young Minds Matters team have created a set of Wellbeing packs to support children, young people and parents around some specific issues they may be struggling with during the Covid-19 period.  They also include packs to help teachers around how they can support the children and young people they are working with. Click here to view the resources available.

Is someone you love very ill?


Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Welcome to Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. This is an umbrella organisation for Gloucestershire Healthy Schools and Gloucestershire Healthy FE (Further Education).

GHLL was launched in July 2012 for schools and colleges across Gloucestershire, supported by Leading Teachers.

Funding is through Public Health and by Gloucestershire County Council. Schools and colleges are offered this supported intervention at no cost.


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