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Coming Soon to Gloucetsershire...

A giant sculpture of a bee, made from weapons seized off the streets of Manchester, has started its tour of the country.

The anti-violence bee statue was made by the British Iron Work Centre, which created the Knife Angel statue that toured the East Midlands in 2021. The sculpture is 11ft (3.3m) tall and features knives and guns collected during an arms amnesty. Community leaders said they looked forward to seeing the insect up-close. 'Poignant' Like the knife angel, the bee sculpture is going on tour nationally

A new lesson plan to teach Key Stage 2 children how to have Restorative Conversations

Restorative practice is a set of principles and practice that encourages children to take responsibility for their behaviour by thinking through the causes and consequences. In partnership with Aardman, this lesson teaches children how to take a restorative approach to equip them with the skills, values, and attitudes to develop, maintain and strengthen relationships, within both their immediate environment and the wider community. Understanding how to have restorative conversations will enable them to communicate positively and effectively when managing conflict.

Wellbeing Advent Calendars

The lead up to winter break can be a fun and exciting time, but it’s also a period that may make some young people feel anxious and stressed.

Young Minds have created wellbeing advent calendars both for your students and you to look after your wellbeing over the break.

Take a look at the new calendars for 2023!

The Big Ambition - Have Your Say

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, has launched The Big Ambition, a national survey of children and young people across England.The Big Ambition aims to hear from children across England on what they think is important! In the lead up to the next General Election, the Children’s Commissioner wants to take children’s thoughts, opinions and ideas to decision-makers, to make sure that the Government hears young people’s voices on what they think needs to be done to make children’s lives better in England.

The Big Ambition survey will be open until Friday 15th December.         Click here: 

Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage is an engaging child-led, parent/guardian supported therapeutic intervention that can be used on most smartphones or tablets free for all Gloucestershire families. 

It facilitates graded exposures (the active ingredient of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with psychoeducation to empower 7-12 year olds with mild to moderate needs to learn to self-manage fears, worries and anxiety.



Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, the Minister for Schools and the Minister for Skills have written to schools and colleges (17 October 2023) to provide advice on how to respond to the Israel-Hamas conflict in the classroom. Read the post here

Download new resources here and watch Teenage Vaping:  What's the Harm? on BBC iPlayer (UK only)

For more information click on the pledge webpage

The NHS Gloucestershire Asthma Team are looking into the current management of asthma in schools across the county. We would be very grateful if you could complete this questionnaire. The feedback you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.  It will be stored securely and only used to improve this service. Thank you in advance for your responses. 

Please click here to complete the questionnaire. 

Please click here to view AFS resources. 

Together with local community organisations, Active Gloucestershire has been working across the county to support children and young people’s wellbeing through physical activity. The "Activity on Referral" is now running in its 3rd year with the aim to support the mental health of young people through community-based activities. The program provides young people with access to a diverse range of activities that foster social connection, fun and many opportunities to develop resilience.  Read more here

Watch the "Activity on Referral" video.

School is the best environment for pupils to learn in. Being in school helps keep children safe and supports them to reach their potential, while being surrounded by teachers and friends.

The Department For Education are committed to tackling the factors causing children to miss school. Here, they tell you what you need to know about school attendance 

Click here to read more about 'ghost children'.

Having access to defibrillators in schools drastically increases the chance of pupils, teachers and visitors surviving a cardiac arrest.
Teachers and pupils across the country can be reassured they will have access to this life saving equipment, as all state schools now have a defibrillator on school grounds.
Click here to find out what you need to know about this crucial roll out.

It's the question almost every parent worries about the most. Just how safe is your child online and on social media?  BBC Wales Investigates explores your children's safety in Snaptrap: Is your child safe? Watch on BBC iPlayer now.

School holidays can be difficult for some families, with children at risk of missing out on healthy meals, activities, and learning opportunities.

That’s why the Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAF) has been supporting children and families in the school holidays since 2018.

Click here for everything you need to know about the programme and how it could help families during school holidays.

Key facts: To be eligible for a free place, your family must live in Gloucestershire and include one child aged 5-12 who is above their ideal healthy weight.

Refer a Client to BeeZee Bodies

Who can access Young Minds Matter?

YMM is currently a pilot scheme and can only accept referrals for pupils from participating schools. Our list of YMM schools is listed here. If your school is not on this list, please contact TIC+ or seek support at

All pupils should be helped to fulfil their potential. Reasonable adjustments can help level the playing field by minimising the disadvantages that pupils with disabilities might face compared with their peers.  On Neurodiversity Celebration Week and Sign Language Week, we tell you everything you need to know about reasonable adjustments and how they can help disabled pupils in schools.  Read the new post:

Co-produced by young people and researchers from the University of Bristol and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, ‘EDUCATE’ will help you teach students about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and provide reassurance about receiving the vaccine — which is usually offered to teenagers at school as part of the national vaccination programme.    For more information click here   and to Download the resource 

Being active can have a hugely positive impact on children’s physical and mental health.

That’s why we’re setting out how important it is for all pupils to have access to at least two hours of PE and school sport per week. Announced on International Women’s Day, our plans also make it clear that girls and boys should be able access the same sports.  Download the full report here

PSHE Association have developed a year 9 lesson exploring the consequences of vaping and challenging the influences that might encourage young people to vape.  Designed to follow on from the Year 9 lessons in our existing suite of drug and alcohol education lessons, this lesson will help students:

  • understand the impact of influences, influencers and marketing on vaping-related choices and behaviours
  • explain the consequences of vaping, including the environmental cost of e-cigarettes
  • analyse ways to challenge influences and misconceptions about vaping   

To download the Resource click here 



myHappymind is an award winning programme for schools & nurseries, families and organisations. It is delivered by class teachers across 5 modules, all designed to develop critical knowledge and habits that support children’s mental health. This means that children can develop a toolkit of resources to use when they need to. For further information on the pilot click here

For Free Resources  Click Here

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine in early 2022, we all saw how the resulting conflict impacted tens of thousands of children through separation, loss or bereavement. Bear Us In Mind was launched to provide early intervention to support those children and the adults in their lives.

Whether you’re a teacher, teaching assistant, Head, Governor or a supporting adult from the child’s school or local community, Bear Us In Mind is designed to help you be a compassionate and confident thinking partner for a child when it’s most needed. Download the complete Bear Us In Mind toolkit guide here To receive your 'bear in a box' email 

Mental Health e-learning - Children and Young People's Mental Health

This short course will provide you with information and guidance to help support the young people you work alongside.

The course will introduce you to some common mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties, and will provide you with practical examples that you can use to help you to recognise and respond to children’s emotional health and wellbeing.


Young and novice drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents than more experienced drivers. They are more likely to be involved in accidents at high-speed, in the dark, when overtaking and when negotiating bends. They are also more likely than experienced drivers to be at fault for collisions. To download the Young Drivers pack click here 


“It’s not about getting the answer you want, but listening to the one you get.”

A 90-second Aardman animation called ‘Consent’ will be used as a teaching resource in schools across Gloucestershire to help young people understand consent and boundaries.

The Education Hub has published on their blog a new post "How we are supporting schools and colleges to be energy efficient"

The Children’s Commissioner for England has published an innovative and much-needed guide for parents and carers to have discussions with their children about sexual harassment.
The guide, which is in part built upon the experiences and voices of young people, provides adults with practical advice on how to navigate discussions with their own children.

If you're aged between 11 - 19 and want confidential, friendly, helpful advice, text a school nurse on 07507 333 351.

Newent Community School have made a video with pupils alongside people living with Dementia

Yoga resources for Primary and Secondary schools

Tic+ - you are not alone, we're here for you

Managing transitions

Mentally Health Schools - Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Resources to help children cope with transitions and change

Tools for managing emotions - Mentally Healthy Schools

Changes and transitions can bring up complex emotions in children. These three simple tools can help children manage their feelings and learn coping strategies.

Following a challenging time, we’ve put together a series of resources focusing on community recovery and helping you to bring your school back together. Click Here

Lost For Words

ADVICE FOR CHILDREN ABOUT HOW TO COPE WITH GRIEF - aims to help young people through grief.

The book is made up of quotes, advice and corresponding emojis crowd sourced exclusively from children bereaved from birth to late teenage years.

"We've really benefitted from being involved with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning partnership, and being able to use a lot of their resources and support."

Matthew Morgan 
Headmaster, Sir Thomas Rich's School

"85% of parents reported that they had noticed a change in their child’s attitude towards healthy food and exercise as a result of the interventions."

Harewood - Jumpstart programme

How does the process work?

Read our Ten Steps to gaining and maintaining Healthy Schools/Healthy FE status

29.5% of the students reported wanting their bodies to look like celebrities before the lessons which reduced to 16% post intervention.

Newent - Body image and self esteem programme

The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation process have been carefully designed to support schools through the process

Read more about our Review Tool.

Be Well Gloucestershire is a year-long local campaign to help when stress, anxiety, isolation and other challenges become hard to deal with. We want to encourage anyone who is having a hard time in the county to access the support that is available and break the social stigma attached to mental ill-health.

This site is the start of what will be a central hub for anyone who needs help or support for themselves or a loved one. Working alongside local organisations, charities and communities, we will develop information and resources to enable more people who live in the county to talk openly about their wellbeing and access mental health and wellbeing support.


What's new

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Hollie Gazzard Trust

The Hollie Gazzard Trust is a Gloucestershire based chariity that raises awareness to help people understand the dangers of unhealthy relationships and what this can lead to. They help people create positive, happy and safe relationships, free from abuse by providing education and guidance in schools, workplaces and other organisations. 

Next Year marks the 10 year anniversary of Hollie's detah, and as a result the Hollie Gazzard Trust will be holding a variety of events to commemorate her. 

See all the details here 

GHLL Restorative Conversation Lesson and Resources

Our Restorative conversation lesson plan, lesson guidance and resources teach children how to manage conflict restoratively through an Aardman animation.

They are now available to be downloaded via this page. 

If you require a login, please contact 

Drink spiking report and support SMS alert service now live!

This Autumn we have ensured that over 100 settings including Colleges, Universities, Sexual Health Clinics and Minor Injury Units (MIU's) have received posters, awareness cards, drink testing kits and online resources to raise awareness of drink spiking. 

Following extensive feedback from the nurses and frontline workers that we have trained this year as to what else is needed, we are thrilled to say that we have now set up a simple SMS message service that can be forwarded to anyone who believes that they might have been spiked via this link. 

For more information please email

Caring for children with coughs and colds this winter

The 'Caring for children with cough' leaflet was produced by researchers at the University of Bristol after extensive work with parents. It explains what parents should do when looking after a child with cough and when parents should take their child to see a doctor. 

Coughs and colds are a common part of childhood, especially during the winter. Most of these infections are caused by viruses and children recover quickly with a bit of rest and paracetamol.  However, many parents of young children can be very worried when their children are unwell and would welcome support and guidance on what to do and when to seek help.

For more detail see



Breaking the Chain - Theatre Performance for Professionals

Breaking the Chain is a hard-hitting applied theatre production performed by Narrative Alchemy Ltd that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build resilience around youth violence – with a focus on knife crime – as part of a public health approach to tackling the issue – an issue that is seeing young people seriously hurt and, all too often, killed on the streets of our towns and cities.

To book your place on the 17th January 2024 click here or contact 

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Welcome to Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. This is an umbrella organisation for Gloucestershire Healthy Schools and Gloucestershire Healthy FE (Further Education).

GHLL was launched in July 2012 for schools and colleges across Gloucestershire, supported by Leading Teachers.

Funding is through Public Health and by Gloucestershire County Council. Schools and colleges are offered this supported intervention at no cost.

Read more about GHLL