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Moving on to your new school - moving from primary to secondary school is important, exciting and sometimes a scarily big change and all Year 6 children will have lots of feeling about this change.  This survey has been set up to find out about how you feel about going to secondary school.

Schools will be sent their links and the survey closes on 16th July 2020

RSE Day - 25 June 2020

GHLL has provided advice and guidance on the new RSE

RSE Day is on 25 June 2020. It is an annual celebration of excellent Relationships and Sex Education that educates children and young people about healthy relationships and positive sexual health. Click here for  primary & secondary ideas packs


Lost For Words

ADVICE FOR CHILDREN ABOUT HOW TO COPE WITH GRIEF - aims to help young people through grief.

The book is made up of quotes, advice and corresponding emojis crowd sourced exclusively from children bereaved from birth to late teenage years.

In line with our COVID-19 contingency planning and the latest Government guidance, we have suspended all of our face to face meetings and  training events and have moved all our services to remote or digital delivery.

We are regularly updating the GHLL website including a new tab 


Advice and updates about COVID19

"We've really benefitted from being involved with the Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning partnership, and being able to use a lot of their resources and support."

Matthew Morgan 
Headmaster, Sir Thomas Rich's School

"85% of parents reported that they had noticed a change in their child’s attitude towards healthy food and exercise as a result of the interventions."

Harewood - Jumpstart programme

How does the process work?

Read our Ten Steps to gaining and maintaining Healthy Schools/Healthy FE status

29.5% of the students reported wanting their bodies to look like celebrities before the lessons which reduced to 16% post intervention.

Newent - Body image and self esteem programme

The Gloucestershire Healthy Schools / FE accreditation process have been carefully designed to support schools through the process

Read more about our Review Tool.

What's new

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Supporting PSHE education leads and teachers working with pupils with special educational needs and disability (SEND) in both special and mainstream settings is a key part of our work. We are therefore delighted to launch this fully updated version of the PSHE Association Planning Framework for Pupils with SEND.

All schools are required to teach the majority of PSHE education from September 2020. This includes Relationships Education at key stages 1 and 2,Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at key stages 3 and 4, and Health Education in both primary and secondary phases. This latest version of our Framework accompanies the 2020 edition of the PSHE Association Programme of Study for PSHE education and is fully aligned with the Statutory Guidance for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education from the Department for Education (DfE). We have mapped the content grids from this statutory guidance to the Planning Framework, and adapted learning outcomes appropriately in cases where statutory content may not be accessible for pupils with SEND.

e-Bug Health Educator Training

  Free e-learning for educators and members of the community who teach children and young people.

The course aims to improve knowledge and confidence to teach children and young people about microbes, preventing the spread of infection and antibiotic use in an engaging and age-appropriate way. The course can be used to support parents, carers and educators to teach children using the e-Bug resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Online Safety At Home: Gaming

Online gaming can offer many positive experiences. It can give children and young people the chance to escape into a virtual world, to learn, and to connect with others.

However, there is a risk of children and young people viewing inappropriate content in games and being contacted by adults seeking to exploit them.

This week your activity pack for parents and carers to deliver to their children explores how they can stay safe while gaming: 

tic+chat anonymous

We care. We won't judge. Call 0300 303 8080 and chat with one of our team members overs the phone.  Also live message - chat online via      

Click here to view the flyer. 

Click here to view the poster

A resilience and coping framework for supporting transitions back to school

Download the full Guidance here

Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning

Welcome to Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning. This is an umbrella organisation for Gloucestershire Healthy Schools and Gloucestershire Healthy FE (Further Education).

GHLL was launched in July 2012 for schools and colleges across Gloucestershire, supported by Leading Teachers.

Funding is through Public Health and by Gloucestershire County Council. Schools and colleges are offered this supported intervention at no cost.


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