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Local news

Centuries of single sex education set to end at two Gloucestershire grammar schools' sixth forms

Sunday 17th December 2017

It's the end of a longstanding arrangement and single sex sixth forms Read full story...


Look at these little stars! Nativity pictures from schools across Gloucestershire

Friday 15th December 2017

Cuteness alert Read full story. Taken from the gloucestershirelive - News RSS feed.


UPDATED: Full list of schools closed or opening late in sub-zero Gloucestershire

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Will your child be going to school today? Read full story...


Meet the lads who brought home bronze from the Special Olympics

Thursday 7th December 2017

They both started playing tennis at an all ability after school club and now they train three to four times a week because they enjoy the sport do much...


Stranger danger alert issued by headteacher

Wednesday 6th December 2017

It's the second one from the same school in a space of two months Read full story...


National news

Children draw their future job ambitions

Friday 19th January 2018

Gender stereotyping for jobs starts at an early age, a survey suggests...


What do children draw when asked about their future jobs?

Friday 19th January 2018

A survey of thousands of young people across the world reveal what influences their career aspirations...


Parents 'shelling out for free nursery scheme'

Thursday 18th January 2018

The government's 30-hour 'free' nursery scheme is being subsidised by parents, a survey suggests...


Our world is changing. It's time for historians to explain why | Cormac Shine

Thursday 18th January 2018

Historians need to ditch their aversion to public discourse...


Delhi to put CCTV in classrooms for parents to monitor children

Thursday 18th January 2018

Move follows crimes including murder of boy aged seven and alleged rape of five-year-old girl The Delhi government has announced it will install CCTV cameras in every classroom in the region and give parents access to the feed through a mobile phone app...


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