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GHLL Review

In order to gain the Gloucestershire Healthy Schools or the Gloucestershire Healthy FE accreditation, you need to complete a Review. This has been carefully designed to support schools through the process

The tool captures the essence of what it means for your school to be a Healthy School, or your college to have a Healthy FE accreditation. Primarily, it is a self-assessment checklist enabling celebration of what is working well and to identify areas to develop or prioritise.

On completion of the Review, focus on a minimum of two targeted interventions within the school or college. The details are entered into a Planning and Reporting tool, to capture the progress made with each intervention. At least one priority should focus on;

  • improving mental health (including emotional health and well-being)
  • vulnerable children

Successful completion of these two aspects results in Healthy Schools or Healthy FE accreditation.

GHLL Review

Submission Dates for Awards


GHLL Standard Award Submission

GHLL Standard Award QUAG

5th December 2019 19th December 2019
19th March 2020 2nd April 2020
3rd July 2020

16th July 2020


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