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South West - School Health Research Network (SW-SHRN)

In the SW-SHRN pilot study (2021-2023), we are asking schools to participate in our integral biennial survey and to provide valuable feedback on their participation in the Network. In return, schools will receive tailored feedback reports on the health and well-being of their students and an assessment of school health policies. As an additional thank you due to the extra requirements of being an early adopter school each school that completes all the research requests will receive a £200 gratitude payment, due to the extra requirements of being an early adopter school.

In summary, being an early adopter school will involve:
• Nominating a member of staff to be the ‘SW-SHRN School Co-ordinator’ Dedicated role for an individual who will have authority to liaise with the SW-SHRN team and support co-ordination of the data collection.
• Enabling and supporting students in years 8 and 10 to complete the student survey. This would involve identifying one lesson where students can complete the survey; in school when all students are in attendance or during online learning when students are split between home and school. SW-SHRN can provide tablets for in-school data collection.
• Enabling and supporting the SW-SHRN Co-ordinator to complete the school survey. Release the SW-SHRN Co-ordinator for an hour to complete a survey electronically.

• Enabling and supporting a member of staff to participate in an interview to identify key practical issues in participating in the Network.
This will help us learn how to refine the Network, improve processes, and identify ways that the Network can be more beneficial to schools.
Each school will be asked to sign a research agreement which details what is required of the research team and what is required of the participating school. The survey can be completed in any school term at a convenient time for each school.
Please note, participating in the SW-SHRN as an early adopter school 2021-2023 does not commit your school to continued participation. As future studies develop, you will be invited to participate, and it is your decision whether or not do so. Not taking part in a particular study (including this one) does not prohibit you from taking part in future studies co-ordinated by the SW-SHRN.

If you would like to take part please contact  Emily Widnall, SW-SHRN Senior Research Associate, If you would like more information in the interim, please contact Emily using the following details and she would be happy to answer any of your questions:


For more information, please look at our information brochure 

Core SW-SHRN Team

  • Prof Rona Campbell (Lead)
  • Prof Russ Jago (Lead)
  • Georgina Hopkins (Network Manager)
  • Emily Widnall (Senior Research Associate)
  • Dr Patricia Albers (Senior Research Associate)

South-West School Health Research Network, Centre for Public Health, Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, Canynge Hall, Bristol, BS8 2PL



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