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We have collected together a variety of resources which members of the GHLL team have found useful to use in their settings. These resources are sometimes downloads or links to web pages. As a team we can take no responsibility for the content of these resources but simply flag them up as having been useful in their teaching- hopefully you may find some of them interesting.

All PinK Curriculum Resources

To download the booklet as a PDF, click here This section contains a number of resources which we have found to be useful in teaching PSHE and around...

Stories of Improvement

We have included a selection of Case Studies from schools who were involved in the national Healthy Schools Plus programme. These schools successfully carried out three...

Policy Writing

From our work in schools in recent years we are often asked for guidance on what 'should' be in policies in schools. Obviously each school will have it's own particular needs...

Collecting Data

  Confidence scales This is a really effective way to measure more subtle shifts in attitudes. A choice of five terms or a number scale works best.   Sample...

Mental Health Champions Resources

Mental Health Champions - PowerPoint document (13MB) Staff Wellbeing Survey - PDF (1.5MB)
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