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 Pupil Wellbeing Survey

*Important Announcement*

Due to the current closure of schools, it is with regret that we have made the decision to close the 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey (PWS) with immediate effect. There will be no further opportunity to participate in this survey during this academic year. We may consider running another survey around a specific topic in the Spring term of 2021, but this will not be an extension of the 2020 PWS. 

We will now start the process of reviewing the number of responses and cleaning the data, with the aim that the 2020 data will available to schools on the Pupilinform portal in June. Unfortunately there will be a delay in schools being able to access downloadable historical themed reports from the previous Online Pupil Surveys where the results of questions grouped by theme such as ‘school experience’ could be seen together.  Please be assured that all the historical data from previous Online Pupil Surveys is stored on Pupilinform, allowing you to continue to track longitudinal trends and identify meaningful interventions. We do appreciate that it is helpful to have historical thematic reports readily available in a format that can be downloaded on Pupilinform and we hope to be able to provide these in the near future.

Additional filters are also being added to Pupilinform to enhance the ability to interrogate your data, for example, allowing you to refine responses to individual questions by one or a combination of filters, including demographics. We expect this to be in place in April.

We would like to thank you for your engagement in the 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me;  Sarah MacDonald


The Online Pupil Survey™ and the Lodeseeker® portal to access school and college data has been recommissioned via a competitive tender process. These services will now be delivered by a new provider, RM Insight Ltd. The portal that will hold the survey data, including all historical survey data, will be known as Pupilinform. This directly replaces Lodeseeker®.


The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey is now live!

The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey is now live.  If you haven’t already signed up you can still do so by contacting  The survey will remain open until 3rd April.

IMPORTANT: Login details for those already registered were distributed on Monday 27th January following an error in the original logins sent out the previous week.  Please use the login you were sent on the 27th.


The new Pupilinform portal was launched on the 29th November. If you would like to have access to Pupilinform, please confirm this in an email to Sarah MacDonald,  RM Insight Ltd will contact you directly with your login details.

Please note that the logins are unique to the individuals they have been allocated to and should not be shared. If another person within your organisation would like to apply for a login for the Pupilinform portal, please contact Beth Bennett-Britton, or Fiona Quan,

GHLL Review Tool

Access to the Lodeseeker® database ceases on Friday 31st January 2020.  There will be a break in service for a very short period whilst access to the new database is finalised and schools will not be able to access their historic data via the Review Tool button during this time.  If you have an urgent need to access your data, please contact and we will do our best to provide you with the information you need.  Please be assured that we have all of the historic data and it will be available to you in the normal way by 5th February.



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Pupil Wellbeing Survey

The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey opens on the 27th January and will run until the 3rd April.

The Pupil Wellbeing Survey replaces the Online Pupil Survey, which was developed in partnership with Gloucestershire Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership to find out what children and young people really think about a range of health-related issues. It has been administered throughout Gloucestershire every 2 years since 2006. The findings from over 70,000 children and young people in Gloucestershire aged 8 to 18 years old are providing essential information addressing children and young people’s needs. Longitudinal data has been used to track if there are improvements in health and wellbeing related outcomes and the data is key in planning, developing and improving the services provided.

The Pupil Wellbeing Survey will continue to build on the data that has been collected by the Online Pupil Survey, with the majority of questions remaining the same and some new questions added, making it possible to analyse longitudinal trends and identify meaningful interventions.

The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey dataset will be available from June 2020 on Pupilinform, the data management system which holds all the data from the Pupil Wellbeing Survey and the Online Pupil Surveys. For more information on getting access to Pupilinform, please contact Roland Marden,

The Gloucestershire Pupil Wellbeing Survey report will be released in October 2020.  Click here for full details.



Please read the below guidance for details on how to access your Pupil Wellbeing Survey results

Downloading a report from PupilInform


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