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 Pupil Wellbeing Survey










The Pupil Wellbeing Survey replaces the  Online Pupil Survey - OPS , which was developed by Foster and Brown in partnership with Gloucestershire Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership to find out what children and young people really think about a range of health-related issues. It has been administered throughout Gloucestershire every 2 years since 2006. The findings from over 70,000 children and young people in Gloucestershire aged 8 to 18 years old are providing essential information addressing children and young people’s needs. Longitudinal data has been used to track if there are improvements in health and wellbeing related outcomes and the data is key in planning, developing and improving the services provided.

The Pupil Wellbeing Survey will continue to build on the data that has been collected by the Online Pupil Survey, with the majority of questions remaining the same and some new questions added, making it possible to analyse longitudinal trends and identify meaningful interventions.

The 2020 Pupil Wellbeing Survey dataset is available on Pupilinform, the data management system which holds all the data from the Pupil Wellbeing Survey and the Online Pupil Surveys.

For more information on getting access to Pupilinform, please contact Roland Marden

The Gloucestershire Pupil Wellbeing Survey report will be released in Autumn 2021.  


2022 Pupil Wellbeing Survey

The Pupil Wellbeing Survey 2022 will go 'live' in January 2022 for all schools and colleges in Gloucestershire.

Sign up will commence shortly - please click here for further information.

















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