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Infections and Diseases


MMR & Measles

The UKHSA Immunisation, vaccine and preventable diseases division have published a leaflet containing posters, leaflets and other resources for health and education settings. 

Many of the resources are suitable for school and nursery staff to display at school enterances and in traffic areas for parents and carers of children as a reminder to prompt them to check that their child is up to date. They are free to download and also free to order.

Scan the QR code or Click here to view 


National Strep-A Helpline

During the final months of 2022 there was a national increase in Group A Strep and Scarlet Fever infections. UKHSA now has a national helpline to assist you with managing Scarlet Fever and Group A strep infections in your setting.
Please call 0300 303 8162
Select OPTION 9
If the national call handlers feel that local expert assistance is required they will notify the local Health Protection Team.
Once you have received advice from UKHSA regarding your situation you do NOT need to call to provide updates. However, do call the above number again if:
  1. You have one or more cases of chickenpox or flu in the class that has scarlet fever at the same time. This is because infection with scarlet fever and either chickenpox or flu at the same time can result in more serious illness. 

  2. You are experiencing an outbreak of scarlet fever in a setting / class that provides care or education to children who are clinically vulnerable.

  3. The outbreak continues for over 2 weeks, despite taking steps to control it.  

  4. Any child or staff member is admitted to hospital with any Group A Strep (GAS) infection (or there is a death).

  5. Any issues that are making it difficult to manage the outbreak.   



Translated Letters to Parents 

The information above has been translated into several languages to provide to parents in letter form: 

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